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Is “It Works” a Scam?

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A couple of times over the last few months readers have emailed me asking about "It Works." At first, I couldn't even find what they were talking about. That's a fundamental problem when you name your company a generic phrase. Fortunately (or unfortunately), it seems like they are easy to find nowadays.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, let's dig in...

The Products of "It Works"

It Works has a few products, but their flagship product is a body wrap called the Ultimate Body Applicator. They often call it "That Crazy Wrap Thing."

Is it any good? Well consumer advocate website Truth in Advertising (TINA.org) does the heavy lifting on It Works Ultimate Body Applicators. Specifically they cite:

  • Hedge around claims - TINA found that claims on distributors sites danced around what they can say.
  • Not Helpful for Cellulite - TINA found a document from Dr. Joel Schlessinger that stated, "There’s absolutely no data to say [wraps] help with cellulite or saggy skin."
  • Not Helpful for Toxins or Purification - TINA found a document from dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi that stated, "There’s never been any real scientific evidence that body wraps pull out toxins or purify your body in any way."
  • Numerous Complaints - Specifically 362 complaints on the Better Business Bureau, including continued billing after cancellation and undisclosed $50 cancellation fees. It also notes how the Florida Attorney General has received several complaints including the company not honoring refunds.

That's quite a bit to chew.

I did a little research on my own and I found this Ripoff Report on the company. As with all MLM companies, brainwashed distributors jumped to defend the company because any MLM or pyramid scheme falls apart if new people can't be recruited.

And while "It Works" may not claim that the wraps will help you lose weight, I noticed a lot of distributors misinformed about it. Let's expose that lie before it spreads. The FTC has a document that covers body wraps here and they reiterate it here.

Body wraps will not help you lose weight!

I'd like to think that with the money you'd save from the wraps ($700-1200 a year) you'd be able to do a lot to help lose weight. You could join a gym, buy some fitness equipment, invest in healthier foods... all sorts of things.

I just can't buy into the idea that a temporary cosmetic enhancement without health benefits (even if it did work, which seems be very disputed) is worth investing in, when you can make choices for permanent cosmetic enhancement with health benefits (i.e. losing weight).

If you are looking for cosmetic improvement why not invest in a product that you can use over and over again like some SPANX? Yes, it's not the same, but at least there aren't doctors saying it doesn't work. You don't have to worry about throwing your money away on snake oil.

Let's say that for some ridiculous reason, I ignore all the above red flags and decide, "Hey I want to try to sell this Crazy Wrap Thing." Let's look at the business of "It Works."

The Business of "It Works"

Let's pretend that you want to make money by "It Works" distributor. If that's the case, you can either try to sell the product to friends, family, strangers at a mark-up, or you can recruit people in your downline/pyramid/team.

For the purposes of this presentation, it will be helpful to to have the It Works Compensation plan open to refer to.

Trying to sell the product at retail

If you are looking to just sell product friends and family, you make a sale which the It Works refers to as a Retail Customer... as illustrated on page 1.

You might be able to surprise people by telling them that you are having an event for a secret product, but people generally want to know what they are getting into. MLMs have tried to use for decades and the public is wise to it.

So let's say you are trying to be open and honest and say that you want to introduce them to "It Works" body wraps. Even if they show-up and love the product, they aren't likely to buy from you.

If you look at It Works' Product page, a set of four Ultimate Body Applicators has a retail price of $99, but that's hidden by a "Loyal Customer" price of $59 in big letters. The Loyal Customer has a minimum 3 month autoship requirement. So you could buy 4 applicators for $99 or $106 with shipping or spend $177 for 12 applicators with free shipping. Very few people are going to want to pay $26.50 vs. $14.75 per applicator.

However, what really makes the $99 a ridiculous farce is Ebay. This image is a little small, so you want to open to click it to make it larger:

It Works on Ebay - (Click for larger)

The person has sold over 500 Body Wraps Ultimate Applicators which includes an extra applicator (5 instead of 4) for a price that is trending at ~$45 thanks to Ebay's helpful explanation. That's $9 per application with free shipping.

Here's where things get a little confusing. It seems like that product image is different and while the products seem to have the same names, it may be different than one I was comparing it to on the "It Works" website. So I did another search and found this Ebay listing. This person has sold over 2600 products and you can pay $69 or make an offer of even less money. That's still $17.25 an applicator with no commitment.

There are even a lot of completed sales for $54-55.

No intelligent person is going to pay $106 when they can pay $69 or $55.

All this means is that you aren't going to be able to make much money on such sales. You'll have to price at around $55 to be competitive. That leaves you with very little profit. If you paid $99 for the business kit, you'll be out $44 unless you can sell the half ounce sample gel and half fab wrap. Good luck with making your $44 back on that.

Many people don't know this retail customer trap and get sucked into trying to sell the product. I'm unfortunate enough to have spent the time researching dozens of MLMs and know to look for this common red flag. In fact, there's a great video about how hard it is sell products. It covers a lot more, so I will share it later.

Trying to sell the product at the Loyal Customer price

The Loyal Customer is again a pretty tough sell, because the price is $59 per package and there's a requirement to buy three. No one wants to pay more money and commit to something when they don't have to.

It makes very little sense to be a Loyal Customer, even with the discounted price.

Trying to recruit people

It is no accident that the bulk of the It Works Compensation plan is about recruiting people.

There are 16 pages on how you make income from recruiting and only a couple of paragraphs on making money selling the product. That's important later on.

Even worse 10 pages are devoted to how it works when you are at the Diamond level. Since 99.5% of MLM distributors lose money, this is like trying to sell a fry cook at McDonalds on the separate compensation levels of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies. It simply doesn't make any sense. It may be possible for the fry cook to become a CEO someday, but it certainly isn't useful information for him now.

If you review the "It Works" Income Disclosure Statement, there are only 2.4% of people who rank Diamond or above.

I do have to give "It Works" credit for the disclosure of, "Expenses for Distributors can be several hundred or thousands of dollars annually." This is how the 75% of people in the distributor ranks making an income of $752 a year on average can lose money. Of course, I have to take that credit away, because the company hasn't put up the 2014 numbers and it is past the midpoint of 2015. That's simply irresponsible... I'm not even that Lazy.

In any case, It seems obvious to me that the focus of the compensation plan is on a very small percentage of people. I believe that is an attempt to get people thinking about how much money they can make if they get there. That's deceptive in my opinion because, mathematically, the Diamond level is always going to be around the same 2.4%. For the next person to move up, they'll have to have recruited more people below which keeps the proportions in check.

Is "It Works" a Pyramid Scheme?

Whenever anyone asks me if an MLM company is a pyramid scheme, I defer to the the FTC guidelines on MLMs/pyramid schemes. Here are a few quotes:

"Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money... Avoid any plan where the reward for recruiting new distributors is more than it is for selling products to the public. That’s a time-tested and traditional tip-off to a pyramid scheme... One sign of a pyramid scheme is if distributors sell more product to other distributors than to the public — or if they make more money from recruiting than they do from selling."

It seems very clear to me in many places that making a majority of your money from your downline/recruiting vs. selling to the public is a pyramid scheme. As I explained before, it appears to be very difficult to make money selling to the public.

That leads me to that video I mentioned above when I said it was hard to sell the products. The video is actually an informative video for spotting pyramid schemes. Here it is:

This is an important video because it covers many of the aspects of pyramid schemes. When I review the "It Works" compensation plan and other material that I see, it seems to match up very closely with the video.

Lastly there is this Steps to Success PDF that shows a recruiting plan along with a deceptive "GUARANTEE" that makes it seems like you'll make the money. You only make the money if you recruit other people. It's like being "guaranteed" income if you show up and work at McDonalds... there's no real reason to write that guarantee in there unless they are trying to deceive you into thinking that the steps themselves are guaranteed. Even worse, if you look at the small print, you have to recruit people within a certain timeline. Notice that there's no mention of retailing the product by selling it to the public.

Given this marketing, the video above and the FTC guidelines, it is my opinion that "It Works" is indeed a pyramid scheme that should be avoided by consumers and entrepreneur.

Miscellaneous Stuff about "It Works"

Sometimes some parts of MLM companies just don't fit into nice categories. I like to use this section as a way to just throw my other thoughts out there.

The Name "It Works"

What's up with the name? It doesn't describe the product, like say, "SuperWraps" would. It certainly doesn't describe anything relating to an MLM compensation plan which features 99.5% failure rates.

What's worse about the name: The lady doth protest too much, methinks. You try too hard to sell it with the name choice, that it instantly leads people to the conclusion that it doesn't work. You don't see a car manufacturing claiming, "It works!"

Would you seriously buy a cell phone from a company that seems shocked that its product "works?"

Now if you can imagine my voice like this, I'll say, "What's your middle name? 'Doesn't?' It is! You can't even be grammatical." (Yes, comedy isn't exactly my thing.)

Secondly, what are you talking about with "That Crazy Wrap Thing?" It reminds of the show that ViSalus put on called The Pyramid Thing. It was little surprise that just a little investigative work on my part showed that Visalus was an illegal pyramid scheme by the FTC's guidelines.


I think there are serious questions surrounding the products, customer support, and legality of the business model. A single red flag would be enough to scare me away. When you combine them all, I can't see anything positive here.

"It Works" distributors may say that I'm being negative, but helping consumers should always be viewed as a positive thing. If they take the time to read my site, I'm very much in favor of entrepreneurism. I'm just not in favor of wolves' in sheep's clothing preying on people.

Posted on July 24, 2015.

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176 Responses to “Is “It Works” a Scam?”

  1. Lazy Man says:

    Geoff, I think it might be the later with Dr. Haytko. She appears to have been paid by MLMs (via the DSA) for quite a few years. I can’t imagine that she’s too embarrassed.

  2. Bryn says:

    Thank you, thank you….
    I have read about half of this post on MLM and It Works.
    I have a few friends who joined up with It Works as distributors about a year ago and pronounce they will quit the day job soon. In fact one says her husband will be able to as well. There is a common thread in many of these posts here which is scary. It sounds like brainwashing. A lot of the social media posts on FB are the same from various members of the IW “team”. A script… hmmm. Also, I don’t talk to my friend much anymore because I cancelled my auto ship purchase of a box of wraps. It seems we have nothing in common any more which I find a wee bit strange. We were great pals before. There are responses to negative posts which are shaming the one posting any negativity. Lots of brainwashing and unethical sales pitch it seems. It’s a country of free speech. We all should be able to disagree with a product without being made to feel guilty. The most interesting thing here is when I called “It Works” to cancel my auto shipment within the time frame – the man on the phone actually did not have the same “committed sales pitch” that the MLM team members have. He actually implied an non acceptance of It works” but did not provide detail. – I kid you not! So put that in your wrap and wrap it! Anyway thanks again for some truth to the whole MLM. I feel I have more clarity but sadness about the people who will not have a non-wrap conversation with me as we did once. There just seems to be a compulsive focus to sell no matter what the cost. Congratulations IT Works – you are successful for now.

  3. Nicole Rosel says:

    You have such false information I just laughed out loud! The eBay listing isn’t even for a ItWorks body wrap, it’s for another company’s herbal wrap. Atleast have proper facts and correct information when you try to bash a company

  4. Lazy Man says:

    Nichole Rosel,

    Which Ebay listing are you referring to? Both of them clearly state “It Works.” One of the listings I showed clearly states it is from “It Works” and not some other company.

    At least have the proper facts and correct information before you bash a well-written/critical review with over a hundred comments.

  5. Ralyn says:

    lol I find this very amusing. First of all no the wraps do not help with weight loss they are a cosmetic product and therefore does not have to be FDA regulated or require clinical trials. The only reason some people didn’t make money is because they quit! I’ve been in 8 months and can now pay my house payment. As for Ebay we are not allowed to sell our products there or on amazon and chances are who ever buys them is getting old expired wraps that won’t work.I use them and they work for me plus I love all the other products including the skin care line. Bottom line, just because some one writes the article doesn’t mean they are accredited.

  6. Lazy Man says:


    The point I was trying to make is that weight loss is the actual fix. You can put on a bandage with a wrap, but why not fix the real problem?

    Yes, they aren’t FDA regulated. I want to make it clear that they aren’t. While they do not require clinical trial, clinical trials tell us that the products works. So if they don’t have them, it tells me that they aren’t interested in proving that their product works.

    It is a a mathematical certainty that 99% of people in MLM will lose money. So the only reason some people didn’t make money is that they were part of the 99%. In reality, quitting, like any negative behavior such as smoking, is the smartest move.

    If a company doesn’t allow their products to be sold through Amazon or Ebay, it isn’t interested in direct sales (a significant emphasis of those companies). If a company is trying to be a pyramid scheme, it is interested in recruiting distributors and that means they’d limit other legitimate distribution channels such as Amazon and Ebay.

    It’s true that someone writing an article doesn’t mean they are accredited. There’s no accreditation for investigating pyramid schemes. There’s no accreditation for being involved in a pyramid scheme either. So let’s just use common sense and logical arguments, fair?

  7. Scott says:

    Wow. Everyone defending IW is using the same words and speeches I used when I did Amway/Quixtar. Even down to motivational thermostat vs thermometer speech.

    It’s almost like we read the same motivational books.


  8. Geoff says:

    Scott said, “Wow. Everyone defending IW is using the same words and speeches I used when I did Amway/Quixtar. Even down to motivational thermostat vs thermometer speech.

    It’s almost like we read the same motivational books.”

    Of course everything is the same. They are all duplicates of Amway/Quixtar/Alticor/Whatever the hell they want to be called. There is no originality in the business model, brainwashing, or pay structure. It is literally a transfer of names and products under a new shill company. This stuff is a sad repetitious joke, and they prey on the weak for strength.

  9. Faye says:

    My sister is a triple and her husband is a double dimond in the company. They say they have earned 80,000 in bonuses and now a six figure income in seven months. I watched her climb the ranks, but we have grown apart as I was not ” encouraging” enough in the beginning cause I didn’t like her FB posts. Anyways, now the rest of my family wants to jump in cause they see all the fb hype. I’m pretty torn- thoughts on how to convince them it’s not worth it?

  10. Lazy Man says:

    Well, I started writing about MLM because there was hype around a $45 bottle of fruit juice called MonaVie. The pyramid collapsed on them. This Salt Lake City Times article is about the bankruptcy filing: http://www.sltrib.com/news/2567635-155/utahs-monavie-once-touted-1b-in.

    I find it best to direct people to the FTC guidelines. It warns that sales to the public is cool, but making a majority of your money from a recruited downline is likely a pyramid scheme.

    So Faye, is your sister selling product to people (kind of like a lemonade stand), or is she recruiting and managing a “downline?”

  11. Vogel says:

    Faye said: “My sister is a triple and her husband is a double diamond in the company. They say they have earned 80,000 in bonuses and now a six figure income in seven months…I’m pretty torn- thoughts on how to convince them it’s not worth it?”

    In my experience, what people claim to make in MLMs like this is always exaggerated. They may claim to have made 80K in bonuses and a 6-fig income in 7 months, but while this claim is very remotely possible, it is incredibly unlikely. If they want to try to prove it, ask to see a detailed revenue/expense breakdown for the last year (which they probably don’t even have). In all likelihood, the data won’t support their claim. But also go a step further and ask to them show data for all of the people they recruited. Assuming that they even track this data, which they probably don’t, odds are overwhelming that only a minute percentage will have even broken even, let alone turned a profit – and none will be making 6 figs.

    In other words, even in the unlikely event that their claim is true, the money they have made would have been at the expense of the exponentially greater number of distributors who they recruited and who lost money.

  12. MLMers says:

    Re: MLM Income Claims

    Most MLMers are not smart enough to realize what income they are actually making. They state their income based on what “level” the company says they are and what income that corresponds to on the “income chart”, as opposed to actually looking at their bank account.

    If you are paying out thousands of dollars per month buying your own products in order to maintain your level and earn commissions of thousands of dollars per month, then really you are lucky to break even.

    Actions speak louder then words. I see people on my facebook claiming to make $10-$15g PER MONTH (previously making nothing), yet they do not appear to be doing any better financially (ie. one of them still can’t afford her own cell phone..).

  13. TataBeha says:

    Great article! Does anyone else feel ItWorks kind of gives of a Cults vibe?? I mean all the spiritual quotes and memes… I just wonder at their conferences are they having Bible study before the sales pitch, and is that maybe why they are so quick to cut ties with friends and family who dont support (financially) or agree to join their team ? If you dont love ItWorks you dont love Our God, Cutoff! ?????

  14. Vogel says:

    TataBeha said: “Does anyone else feel ItWorks kind of gives of a Cults vibe?? I mean all the spiritual quotes and memes… I just wonder at their conferences are they having Bible study before the sales pitch, and is that maybe why they are so quick to cut ties with friends and family who dont support (financially) or agree to join their team ? If you dont love ItWorks you dont love Our God, Cutoff! ?????”

    Whatever would give you that idea?

    Just kidding. I absolutely agree with your assertions. And they don’t apply solely to ItWorks but rather to virtually every other MLM in existence. It’s one of the more fascinating (and disturbing) characteristics of MLM. The use of cult-like tactics has been widely documented, as has the intermingling of MLM with religion.

    The cult aspect is easy to explain – the use of cult tactics is strictly pragmatic as it instills obedience and conformity, breaks down resistance to promote unquestioning loyalty, creates an us-versus-them mentality, and keeps people from quitting long after they should have, all of which helps fuel the pyramid scheme. These tactics manifest in the behavior of MLM distributors who accuse dissenters and critics of being jealous “dream stealers” and 9-to-5 wage slave losers who simply don’t want other people to succeed.

    The religious aspect is bit more complex. Part of it stems from the fact that many of these MLMs are based out of Utah (a deregulated Wild West for the MLM industry), and have large contingents of devout LDS among their distributor base (many stay-at-home moms as well). Churches are also used as ground zero for recruiting distributors, in part due to the influence of unscrupulous church leaders who abuse their position of authority to coerce parishioners, as well as church members who likewise see the flock as a community of sheep waiting to be fleeced. There are also elements of Prosperity Gospel woven in (i.e., the belief that God want you to be rich, in opposition to Matthew 19:24), which stokes greed and materialism, as well as a tendency for blind faith/trust and an indwelling belief in miracles, which make it easier to sell the bogus snakeoil products that MLM distributors falsely (and illegally) claim can magically cure a myriad of diseases, in addition to alleviating poverty.

    Additionally, the church tithing model is superimposed on the MLM model to tacitly justify the fact that funds flow up the pyramid scheme to a select few MLM distributors and company owners at the top. Lastly, almost MLMs setup bogus charities to create an illusion of philanthropy, so that those who participate in the pyramid scheme can reduce their cognitive dissonance through the false belief that the allegedly “good works” they are doing vis a vis the charity offset any and all improprieties being committed (e.g., the thinking is essentially “so what if a few people get ripped off on overpriced pyramid scheme vitamins, diet potions, and energy drinks, we’re feeding starving children in Africa!”).

    In many cases, MLM is a glorified form of panhandling. A typical scenario in MLM is that of the broke God-fearing single mom who begs her friends and family members to buy whatever MLM crap she’s selling; and some of them go along with it to a point, mostly out of pity and a sense that at least the distributor is doing something proactive to alleviate their financial situation and not just sitting around waiting for a handout. This, however, is a deception, as MLM schemes don’t alleviate financial woes, they magnify them by bleeding distributors dry, and even in the best case scenario, by enriching one person at the expense of many others (the expression “robbing Peter to pay Paul” comes to mind). It would actually be better for society if individuals like this sat at home collecting welfare checks instead, as it would be far less costly and destructive in the long run (and realistically many MLM distributors probably do collect welfare checks under the table while running their unsuccessful MLM quasi-businesses).

    Amway pretty much created the cult-religion-MLM nexus. Other MLMs simply copied the model and ran with it, and now it is ubiquitous in the MLM realm.

  15. faye says:

    well exactly, thats the thing. She claims to make 16,000 dollars a month. 16,000….. that doesn’t even make sense! their lifestyle doesn’t really reflect it yet, but she just got promoted. Im just seeing friend after friend fall into her facebook posts because it looks amazing, and its so frustrating. And don’t even get me started on the whole “God has blessed us” scheme of it all.
    All I want to know is how this really adds up. I look at that income chart thing and I need like a secret code to discern it all it is so confusing. the next interesting thing is, those who are promoting with her are who I call her it girls. Basically, she was singled out by a higher up in the company, because she was pretty and charsmatic, and now you can see how she has singled out her it girls, as in, those are the girls she puts people under and builds up to promote, leaving all the other ones to kinda float around the bottom until they get sick of it I guess. So yes, she makes all her money from promotion of a team, of a dream, from building legs. I don’t know. her husband texted us a couple days ago asking if he could just sign us up, using our name, so that they did’nt loose their bonus… load of crap if you ask me.

  16. Arla says:

    Tonight I became finally had enough of a friend’s facebook posts. She’s an amazing, fun, hilarious, loving person, but over the past year she has become nothing but an “it works” pitchwoman, begging her friends to view the products, begging her friends to support her by buying, begging friends to sign up. She’s got her beautiful daughters hooked in now It’s sick. It reminds me of Mary Kay and the way the people I knew were always, always in debt selling it. Really sad. I will not unfriend her because she will need me when this is all over with.

  17. SAHM says:

    Thank you. I am so sad that two of my old friends are in cahoots with this company. They are smart, masters-level educated, spiritual women. Both are high up levels with Itworks. I would love to be their friend. We are all now stay at home moms with similar aged toddlers who would have fun playing together, but I have been frozen out, because I know the truth, that MLMs are predatory and unsustainable scams. They brag on Facebook about making 100k a year, getting to pay cash for nice new things like cars and toys and furniture, it’s gross. People with regular jobs don’t talk about their income like that. This company, man, it’s made me lonely.

  18. careylee says:

    It’s hard for me to understand how these people avoid being sued, or at a minimum, having their distributorships revoked if the company is really legitimate, as it claims to be! A few example from some posts I’ve read:

    “My sweet friend just earned her family a $150,000 bonus.”

    “She is now earning a monthly income of $31,000.”

    “Why people just watch us have fun and don’t join us in this adventure is truly shocking!”

    And then there’s the God Card that’s interspersed with ItWorks posts … “because he knew exactly what I needed, he brought me to my knees and transformed my story … because I let Christ take over … ”

    I just feel for the people that succumb to this and end up losing in the process.

  19. Michael says:

    Careylee – you are so right except you can’t get blood from a stone. Even if a suit was successful, almost all of these people have mounting debt and limited assets except for a supply of the product they have to buy monthly to meet their minimum and who wants whatever leftover MLM crap they have. And, they are truly delirious if they believe that God approves or encourages anyone to scam their friends and relatives. Preposterous!

  20. sistersgonemad says:

    My sister has been involved in this company for years. She is beyond brainwashed and has alienated many friends and family members due to them not being supportive of her “business”. She calls all of her team members her “wrap sisters” and her “tribe”. She posts all the time about how they are a family and always have each others backs. Her husband isn’t really supportive of all of this, but has come to live with it because my sister becomes argumentative and downright mean when she venomously defends It Works. Their lifestyle hasn’t really changed at all even though she claims to be making big money and creating a legacy for her family. Her Facebook posts are consistently putting people down for working a 9 to 5 which forces them to give up precious time with their kids in order to work. However, she “works” doing parties and shows on evenings and weekends along with meetings and conferences, leaving her two kids with her husband since these are non-school hours. Makes no sense! I wish that there was some way that I could do an intervention with her.

  21. K says:

    Unfortunately, I was duped into this business. I saw all the claims of financial freedom and security – I want that for my family. I kept seeing all these amazing success stories about how women were able to retire their husbands (seems to be a common theme, huh?), stay at home with their kids while earning thousands every month, etc. I wanted that for my family!!

    I bought my kit and immediately my sponsor disappeared. It was hard to get in contact with her to help me sign customers and distributors. It took me a while to get my first four customers and I felt AWFUL asking my family to help me out! Then I had to move on to the task of getting distributors – which NEVER happened for me. No one was buying into the business like I did. Everyone was being nice and saying they’d think about it, but they never contacted me again and ignored my messages. I’m not one to harass people, so I let it go and tried to find others. I was still convinced that I could do this business and bring my family to a point that we didn’t have to worry about money at all. Then I started seeing other distributors ask (in our private team group) if others had encountered medical problems while using the products. Of course, the higher-ups immediately said NO and that maybe that person should try a different product or combination of products. That really seemed off to me. Then I started seeing people promote certain products, promising certain results for certain medical issues – ummm, no. Completely untrue and most likely causing more health issues for people. And let’s not forget the fact that even if you are part of this company, you are REQUIRED to pay for extra training/seminars/meetings in order to expand your business. I never had to pay for further training in a regular 9-5 job. Also, where is the proof of all this money they are making?! Of course, they show photos of the nice houses they buy and such, but I don’t ever see family backing up claims that they actually see a difference in their financial status.

    Sadly and thankfully, I have quit the business. I can’t sink any further than I already have and I refuse to keep paying money out (that I don’t have) just to make money. I pray others stay away from the business as well.

  22. Kat says:

    I just spent an hour reading the very in-depth article and every single comment and it was worth it. My husband and I have been bombarded the last few months with recruitment offers, ads, memes, sales pitches and testimonials by a friend of ours. She is relentless with the It Works. Minimum 3 FB posts a day, all over her Instagram. She has even dragged her husband into being a distributor! The brainwashing she has displayed, coupled with her disdain for “haters” has us worried. While we don’t know this couple’s complete financial state, we do know that they have been struggling to raise 3 children for awhile. But every one of her posts boasts about her “making real money” while “never missing a moment” of her kid’s lives. We have done some VERY rudimentary number crunching on how much she/they could be making (using all the info publicly available on the It Works website) and we can’t figure out how she is making ANYTHING. The website itself pretty much admits most people are making nothing. She is constantly posting pleading posts about joining her team. This isn’t her first MLM so you would’ve hoped the last ones would’ve showed her the futility. We want to tell her she is in over her head in something she doesn’t understand but anyone who has thus far has been shut down as “negative” and “hating on success”. What success?!? She will post stories of those people who claim to make 6 figures as proof of concept. She is not one of them. I don’t wish failure on anyone, especially on a family who wasn’t financially sound before this farce started, but there’s a point where you have to helplessly watch it happen and hope it happens before they end up too in debt. I don’t understand how so many people can get totally swept away in these schemes!

  23. Michael says:

    One of our young nieces is an Itworks distributor and was recently pushing Itworks Hair, Skin, and Nails pills for $33 a month plus S&H. Seems like you can get the same stuff from Puritan Pride for $24 for 6 months. Normal price is $24 for 2 months but they are running a buy 1 and get 2 free sale. Even without the sale $24 is way better than $66 for the same stuff. Any comments? Maybe Itworks experts can prove their Biotin is better. IDK

  24. Amy Doss says:

    You my friend, need to get ALL the facts before you start dissing a company. How about before you or anyone else start saying it doesn’t work because it in fact does, you should try the products. You won’t see results by just sitting in front of that computer now will you? :)

  25. Lazy Man says:

    Amy, shouldn’t you be addressing your question to the It Works distributors flooding people’s Facebook feeds like I’ve read about? Will they see results by sitting in front of a computer?

  26. Geoff says:

    Amy said, “You my friend, need to get ALL the facts before you start dissing a company.”

    Can you please state these mysterious facts, rather than just saying there are facts? It helps to make your point a lot stronger…That is about as useful as me saying the moon is made out of cheese, and you can’t say no because you have never been.

    Amy said, “How about before you or anyone else start saying it doesn’t work because it in fact does, you should try the products. You won’t see results by just sitting in front of that computer now will you? :)”

    I thought that was the purpose of the wrap. You can tighten your mid section while you post nonsense on subjects you don’t understand.

  27. Michael says:

    Amy Doss – I hope you’re not addressing your vitriol towards me. I just asked why one would want to pay $198 (plus S&H) for 6 months of “hair, skin, and, nails” when you can get a very similar product for $24 for 6 months. Assuming they both work, this is why distributors are accused of scamming friends and relatives – I.e. most MLM products are overpriced as compared to OTC products that are the same or very similar and priced much lower in the retail markets. Your prices have to be artificially high to produce supposed profits for “the team” to encourage undereducated people to buy into the dream/scam of owning their own “business”. Good luck defendinfing a product that cost more than 8 times what the same product is priced at on alternate channels.

  28. Gina says:

    I love this article! I unfollow/block every bit of It Works SPAM (and it’s allll spam!) that trashes up my facebook. Please, more ex-coaches, spill the shady tactics and empty promises. And,what’s the deal with the bonuses? No shade – your mistakes will save others.

  29. Michael says:

    Gina – absolutely great post! All any of us “negative” posters are trying to do is help others avoid the pitfalls of most MLMs. We have witnessed family & friends lose money & friends & respect and we want it to stop. You are so right that the most powerful posts come from those that have already lost and are mature enough to admit it and try to help others. Pride prevents some from admitting their mistakes. Oh well…

  30. Charlie says:

    It Works! Is like a cult and it’s really disturbing. It’s true that they prey on people that don’t know any better. I’ve watched multiple friends go down the MLM road and it never….ever….works out for them. And they lose money. When IW came along and a family member said she joined it was all I could do to not shake her and say “what are you thinking?”
    It started out small at first, her FB posts, but the more meetings she had and after a seminar in FL it was like she lost her d*mn mind. Her posts exploded into a menagerie of bullsh*t. The green heart emojis, the IW “family” this and that, thankful I can stay home with the kids, blah blah. Which eventually escalated into “all you poor souls that actually have to go to work, look at me!” And the “look at how cute my kids are, I get to stay home with them because of IW, buy my products.” Nice pimping your kids out for sales. She had zero clue about anything like this before. She posted occasional articles before IW, not into social media much at all. This behavior was all totally trained and copied.
    What to say, how to say it, what to sell to people about being a part of IW, what books to read, and cross-liking each other’s posts. So obvious.
    How about instead of thanking IW, which has only really taken your money, trying thanking your mom more on FB instead, who you are living with right now with your very young kids, not paying rent. The ONLY reason you’re still doing IW. And your ex is paying your car payment. Stop lying that IW gives you the choice on what you can spend your money on for your kid’s bday, because you sure didn’t seem to like my suggestion of a semi-expensive party idea, which I thought you’d love since you claim to be doing so well. Oh right, it’s because they have trained you to lie…to your friends and family….it’s disgusting. I know you don’t want to get a job, but, I guess it’s hard for you to imagine having to work like the rest of us underlings that can’t stay home in our pjs all day. Anyone else I’ve talked to says they’ve seen similar posts, what a scam.
    Anytime she contacts me she mentions IW and if I or anyone I know need anything. She can never just talk to me and actually have it be a personal conversation anymore, she needs something. I hope this company goes down, quickly.

  31. careylee says:

    Oh Charlie. your post could have been written by me. BS managerie, trotting out the kids, staying home, continuous social media blitzing, lies (they have to be … there’s no evidence life-style wise), dissing those that “work a 9-5 job” … the only thing I can add is that she says that she has “retired her partner who now doesn’t have to work unless he needs to.” Just don’t get that. It HAS to be a lie … I too hope it goes down and quickly, to salvage the children. What an environment.

  32. teacher girl says:

    The other thing I know about the woman who made the 100,000 bonus is that they are constantly renting out cabins for “retreats” that I would think the members of her team have to pay to get to. I also have been tracking of when she really gives a hard sales pitch and it is always at the end of the month when they need to make sales. They lose that bonus the second they don’t make the quota.

  33. Shannon says:

    This is bullshit lol whatever I make a ton of money with it works haha I laugh at u stupid people!

  34. Geoff says:

    Shannon said, “This is bullshit lol whatever I make a ton of money with it works haha I laugh at u stupid people!”

    Can you elaborate on what is “bullshit”? Is the supposed ton of money you make at the peril of many others losing money? Are you okay with losing a part of your soul in the pursuit of financial gain?

    If you are doing so well, why are you looking into reviews that call your product and company bad? Should you be wasting your time reading these reviews, when you could be out making money?

  35. Vogel says:

    Shannon said: “This is bullshit lol whatever I make a ton of money with it works haha I laugh at u stupid people!”

    I love these reflexive word-salad comments from the distributors. It’s like someone swallowed a handful of scrabble tiles and then burped them out on the page. It’s ironic that these intellectual featherweights who don’t even know the basics of punctuation are the first to call other people idiots. I’d ask this semi-literate dolt to elaborate on what exactly they thought was BS, but they don’t deserve a second bite at the apple.

  36. Michael says:

    Hey Shannon – stupid is as stupid does and you are most likely doing stupid stuff – F. Gump

  37. Scott says:

    OK then Shannon.

    Prove it. Please share your 1099 with your address and your last name and SSN and your P&L statement showing your profits and losses the last two years.

    Also show us a list of how many associates you brought into the business in the two years, how many who are still in it, what levels they are at. Then (if you have been in it longer than 2 years) tell us how many associates you had before the two years.

  38. Lazy Man says:

    I like the idea, but please use a business tax ID number. I don’t want people posting SSNs for security/fraud reasons.

  39. Stay woke says:

    You know she’s not gonna do that. For me she doesn’t need to even go that far just show some of those emails with what it works deposits , I see girls share them on Facebook sometimes but they always block out the date and amount. Which is weird because they like to say what they are gonna make in exact amounts (I’m on my way to a 50k ruby bonus etc ) but then don’t show the exact amount of money why hide the amount if it’s works pays so great ….its because they don’t want to see that $20 deposit from it works even though they just paid $50 to keep their account with the company open

  40. Charlie says:

    Shannon said, “This is bullshit lol whatever I make a ton of money with it works haha I laugh at u stupid people!”

    As much as I hate feeding the troll….. it’s definitely one of those standard answers you get from IW sellers who have any sort of opposition about their company. And I’ve seen enough lies, to not believe a word they tell me. I also remind myself of the rule, believe nothing I hear and only half of what I see. Remarks like this don’t help their side at all. One of the latest things I’ve heard is, “haters gonna hate.” That was rich. Oh, not their bank accounts….that saying was rich……. Anyways! They are promised that if they work hard enough they will be millionaires like the founder(s), who btw has recently just bought himself an island… They imagine themselves as get-rich-quick-entrepreneurs selling products that weren’t their brainchild, they didn’t patent, nor did they work it from the ground up. They think they’re just going to step into this middle of the MLM and become millionaires. Very few actually understand what they are selling, direct questions regarding how, what and why about each product and they have very vague, half answers. But hey, they just have to work harder, believe harder, and pester the sh*t out of everyone they know. That’s it! Easy peasy!
    I wish it were true, it would be amazing if my family member made great money from it. If I have to eat my words in a couple more years I will do it happily! But she will be the first I’ve ever seen in the number of people I’ve seen doing this. She’s already been doing it for over a year, so when is it that they’re supposed to be making amazing money?

  41. Michael says:

    Amazing money is all a matter of perspective. I usually give this homeless guy a couple $1s or sometimes a $5. Yesterday was hot and he came up to me and I reached in my pocket and all I had was a $10, so I gave it to him. His response was, “this is AMAZING, I can get lunch and dinner with this”. These ItWorks reps are so used to saying their products give AMAZING results in 45 minutes, that they use that word often. Question is whether “amazing money” is more than “a ton of money” and whether either is more than $10-$20.

  42. Jason says:

    I started looking into this after my wife was bombarded with requests to become a wrap sister. And I’m finding some really sad stories on here.

    In any event, if anyone reading this has lost money after not getting what the company promised AND lives in Texas, shoot me an email. I would be interested to talk with you.

    Full disclosure, I’m a Texas lawyer, and I want to talk to you because I want to sue this company.
    Anyone interested in pursuing a legal option, email me [Editor’s note: As a policy we don’t publish email addresses here. Instead please contact me]

  43. Wrapsruinedmyfamily says:

    My sister inlaw has been with this company for almost two years or something like that. She claims to be making all this money but then her husband says things like “someone has to work to pay insurance and car payments” if she’s supposedly making 5 figures a month why can’t she pay for those things? I’ve recently had to block her on all social media bc any little thing I posted she took as being negative towards her and “her business” buying things and reselling them at a higher price isn’t really a business in my eyes. It’s caused turmoil in our family and it’s mostly bc no one will stand up to her and tell her she’s insane. I am waiting for the day that it works fails and we can have my sister in law back the way she used to be. The best part is all her it girls that she claims she loves online, she talks shit about all the time offline. It just reminds me of “mean girls” and i guess bc I refuse to be a part of it I’m one of those 9-5 losers who is just jealous of her “success”

  44. Wrapsruinedmyfamily says:

    I also forgot to add how my sister inlaw tried to buy a gift card from herself, start my husband up as a loyal customer, and pay for it herself so she could check off another “customer” for her bonus…. When I told her absolutely not our family relationship turned sour bc she missed her deadline for her “bonus”. Isn’t the point of the business to build new customers not to buy stuff yourself and have it shipped to other locations so then those people have to bring it to you? If I ever receive any of it in the mail and I didn’t pay for it I’ll be chucking it in the garbage and reporting her

  45. […] Lazy Man and Money’s assessment of It Works. […]

  46. Kelly says:

    Those before and after “results” pictures drive me nuts too. The hair growth pictures could be done simply by someone tilting their head back slightly more in the “after” picture. The weight loss pictures rarely look significantly different and when they do look different it jjust looks like the person is sucking in their stomach or using a different angle, etc. It’s actually painful to witness people post this garbage.

  47. teachergirl says:

    And now it is the week for their Green Carpet event in Tampa. Now they are all going, they pay to attend, pay to stay in hotels and the there are all kinds of events they PAY to attend. That founder is laughing all the way to his private island.

  48. Margie says:

    You forgot the funniest part! They refer to it as a “paycation”, LOL

  49. Wrapsruinedmyfamily says:

    I wonder if the owners wife went through and “blessed” each and every chair for the attendees like she did the last time. If it works isn’t a cult, I don’t know what is. I did notice something in their Facebook posts though. The leader of the group my sister inlaw is under will post something, then every person under her posts the same exact thing. Also, it’s like they have to post in a certain order. There’s usually a personal post (like something about their kids or family life) then a product post (I love hair skin and nails bc blah blah blah) then a join my team post, then a meme of some sort (either uplifting or a can you find this object in the photo) it’s constant and repetitive. My favorites are ones that ask personal questions bc they know women who have nothing better to do will comment on them so their page is seen more (like how old were you when you got married) there is no originality, they literally do whatever the queen bee does. My sister inlaw works under the top 14th income earner. Who, might I add just bought a “3/4 of a million dollar home” but has no idea how to upkeep it. Her husband apparently doesn’t even know how to change batteries in his tv remote. How do these people survive in the real world???? Oh that’s right, they don’t they “work from home” lol and this girls sister apparently makes over 140,000 a year but just moved into a house that she’s renting…… Seems to me like if I were making 140k a year is be buying a house, not renting and definitely not worrying about “how much it costs to run a jacuzzi” my eye roll is strong lately

  50. Becca says:

    Glad I found this. Had a guy come through my checkout lane at my job and try to recruit me for this. When I told him that I have prior experience in actual marketing, merchandising, and sales, he became less enthusiastic. After finding this article, I can see why. I believe he assumed that I was just a dumb, overweight, underpaid cashier and therefore probably a target mark. I’ll never have anything to do with this “company” (and I am also glad I closed my Facebook back when Timeliness rolled out – I don’t seem to be missing much.)

  51. Melissa says:

    I know of someone who is throwing away her 4 year degree as a nurse to sell it works and she thinks by doing this she will be very well off an get to stay home with her kids!!! What a waste!!!!! I would never throw away my 4 year college education for this. Oh and I suppose that It Works has a good pension plan too and social security???!!! Not!!!!!

  52. Lisa says:

    This website is just a bunch of lies!! It Works is a Christian company, there is no type of brainwashing, just support when we ask for it!! For starters, people aren’t charged a $50 hidden fee, it’s in their contract as soon as they sign up. When they sign into their website, at the bottom it says loyal customer agreement, also, distributors are all supposed to tell the distributors that they are signing up for a 90 day period and that must be fulfilled! If not they will get charged the $50 fee. Also, customers get their own webpage to log into, they have to cancel their autoship, when they do they receive a confirmation number. If they got charged the next month, which is very unlikely, all they would need to do is call customer service and give them the confirmation code and customer service would take care of it! If they were charged again, that means it wasn’t cancelled.
    We receive commissions, unlimited $100 weekly bonuses and there are always special bonuses going on! Right now you can get a special $500 bonus or a $5,000 bonus! Distributors can also buy boxes of wraps for $25 and sell them for $100! That’s a HUGE profit!! Also, I have seen MANY posts on eBay where people are posting that they have wraps and they say It Works but they are not authentic It Works body wraps! They are the water loss wraps where the weight comes right back! I have personally wrapped myself and many other women and men and I have seen huge differences, inches lost, their stretch marks lessened and it’s been amazing to me! You sit here and say these Dr’s say it hasn’t been proven! Well we don’t need those Dr’s to approve it! We have thousands and thousands of happy customers who have photographed their results! I’m done, I just couldn’t ignore this completely ignorant rant of yours! Don’t write back because whatever you say will be BS and more lies!!
    The only reason you are bashing our company is because you don’t understand it. Grow up and leave successful people alone and worry about yourself and your family!! We are helping people get healthier and work from their phones so they can stay at home with their kids!! Mind your own business! We aren’t hurting anybody! We are helping them! You

  53. teachergirl says:

    They just announced a new 5,000 “bonus” for those reaching Diamond in August. What made me sad was the number of comments I read from distrubutors who are only an Executive or Ruby level who just need to work a little harder to help their families… I guess I don’t understand why they dont see the money and time they spend on this would be better spent on a real actual job…..

  54. Wrapsruinedmyfamily says:

    Especially because $5000 spread out over two years is only $200 a month these girls are the dumbest people I’ve ever met. I’m a career nanny I make more than them a month and I love my job LOL. It’s funny though to because a bunch of the girls I know that work for this company their husbands all have jobs paying 50 K or more a year they make it sound like they make tons of money when in real life $2000 a month is what normal people make at a job before taxes. They have money to spend because their husbands work to pay the bills. They Finally got off their asses and started making some of their own money to buy the shit they don’t need

  55. teachergirl says:

    Thank you and the second they don’t maintain the level, they lose the bonus. You insiders have given me such good insight, I wonder now if the woman I know who went Double Diamond is still there at that level.. She quit her job too and her husband is in school. She has made major money but then still hosts parties, still recruits, travels to help her sister with her business and hasn’t “earned” that cruise in the fall…I wonder how many of them are deceitful about maintaining their levels.

  56. Getoveruourself says:

    Hahahahaha you forgot to mention that your “bonuses” are paid out over two years and if you don’t make your sales quota you lose your “bonuses” and that your “free trips” aren’t free. You have to pay for your airfare, hotel room, tickets to get into the events (which are usually 50-75 dollars each) and all your food expenses. I don’t know what kind of brain washing you’ve experienced but yes, some people make money selling this crap but not as much as they claim. If they were then why did Cristina post a video of herself bawling like a bafoon when her washing machine flooded her house (she’s one of the “top 15 earners” bc it was 30k in damage when she claims she takes in 40k a month. You’re all delusional, get a real job, send your kids off into the real world so they can actually learn to survive without you and actually lose weight from healthy eating and exercise. Wraps and pills aren’t going to make you thin (that’s the other thing I don’t get, the majority of women working for this company are extremely over weight. I’m never going to buy weightloss products from people who are worse off than myself)

  57. Lazy Man says:

    I didn’t say that It Works is not Christian company. I’m not sure they’ve stated a formal religious belief for the company.

    I would stay FAR FAR away from “distributors are all supposed to tell the distributors that they are signing up for a 90 day period and that must be fulfilled!”

    I would think that the company itself would give this information and make it a “must be fulfilled!” situation.

    And I don’t believe they should be a charged a $50 fee. What service is that fee for?

    I’m not sure that people should be focused on canceling their autoship. Why not just make it something that people can opt-in if they want to, right?

    Lisa, the rest of your comment is so bizarre that I don’t know what else to say other than 99% of people in MLM LOSE money. I believe if people are recruiting, they are indeed hurting people. If you don’t agree then simply ask the company to eliminate all MLM/recruiting and pay people for selling product directly. Fair?

  58. Lisa says:

    The picture you have stating its from eBay just says IT WORKS , it doesn’t says that’s the company name because it isn’t. That is what I said in my comment where you said it didn’t make sense! That’s why those wraps were so cheap, they ARE a scam! They’re not It Works wraps!

    I see a comment about the $5,000 bonus working out to be $200/month. It’s only a bonus!! That’s in addition to monthly commissions and monthly bonuses also. Then comments about how friends and family are doing so good but people can’t figure out how to tell then it’s not worth it?!?! WHAT?!?! Seriously?!?? They are successful and so are your other friends and family members, that’s pretty ignorant to want to stick your nose in their financial issues to tell them how to run their business! Also, people make comments about how people should “get a real job”! That’s hilarious!! While you are making your bosses rich, ASKING for vacation, calling in when sick & hoping not to lose your job …. We can work from anywhere! We can go on vacations whenever WE want! Sleep in everyday and work from bed while cuddling with our little ones, staying home when we don’t feel well.. We are in control of our own time, not somebody else. That’s worth ALOT!! Many of us are very thankful to be able to make money and spend the day with our children and own our time instead of having our children grow up with a nanny, day care provider, etc.
    There are no minimum purchases that have to be bought, no contracts, nothing. These women make money…. PERIOD!!

    As far as the $50 fee. It’s very simple. People have 3 ways of purchasing products. They can be a retail customer and pay the retail price and never have to buy anything again. They can pay the $50 membership fee and make a purchase and then never have to make a purchase again but will receive wholesale pricing for life. The last way is to have the $50 fee waived by signing up for the 90 day program and if you don’t finish the 90 day program them you pay the membership fee. Well nobody wants to pay the retail price or pay the $50 fee so they all want the 90 day program. Everybody wants to complain about the program but that’s because they wanted the cheapest price!

    People need to stop bashing things they don’t understand! There is not any brainwashing, no cults, no craziness like that! It’s a bunch of people who love the products and love helping people!

    Careylee says she doesn’t know why we haven’t been sued for posting when our friends receive bonuses WHAT THE WHAT?!?! Why in the hell would we be sued for being happy for our friends and co-workers? Insanity! Some of these people on here make no sense at all!

    Well I’m done because people who complain will continue to complain! I’ve been a distributor for over a year and a half and have been making $400-$500 a month by doing it part time and will be starting up full time in about a month. I love helping people and that’s what I do. The natural products have helped me lose weight, get off my blood pressure meds last year, boost my immune system and I didn’t even get a cold last winter for the first time in my life and so much more. I have SO many customers who have lost 40lbs, gotten healthier, etc. I’m very happy and healthy and love my job. I don’t push away family or friends who aren’t my distributors or customers. I wish people wouldn’t bash what they don’t u see stand or don’t agree with. I wish you all the best in your futures.

  59. Charlie says:

    This website isn’t a bunch of lies, it’s a bunch of people saying what you don’t want to hear.

    It’s IW people that need to leave us alone, not the other way around. Constant badgering on our social media feeds with straight-up lies about money and their “stories” of how IW has made their lives better, “laughing” at people who actually have a job, and plagiarism of each other posts. Along with every in-person interaction they try to convince you to sign up or buy something, is definitely something I never asked for. And you know what? I have to use avoidance to not completely lose my relationship with this person. So who needs to leave whom alone?

    Speaking of bonuses, at one point an IW person announced the bonus they’re trying to get for the month. When I did the math, it wouldn’t even pay for groceries for 1 person in a month. Better keep that WIC girl!! Then take pictures of it and thank IW for allowing you such bounty at the grocery store.

  60. Lazy Man says:

    The Ebay listing says “IT WORKS” and shows a picture that I’ve seen associated with IT WORKS products and a description that states it is an “IT WORKS” product. They have sold more than 500 of them (at the time I took the image) and Ebay itself gives a trending price of the product. I have no reason to believe it is anything other than what it says… especially since they seem to have hundreds of customers.

    Another Ebay listing that I presented had hundreds sold by a person with an amazing reputation with thousands of transactions.

    If these Ebay listings are fake product, I think you need to prove that they are. Ebay takes counterfeit product very seriously and people are not typically able to sell hundreds of them.

    Lisa said, “Careylee says she doesn’t know why we haven’t been sued for posting when our friends receive bonuses WHAT THE WHAT?!?! Why in the hell would we be sued for being happy for our friends and co-workers?”

    Lisa, It WORKS distributors are considered to be selling the business opportunity when they share how much they’ve earned. There are limitations to the kinds of income claims a salesman of a business opportunity can make according to my understanding of the FTC’s communications. The FTC cited these kinds of claims as being a core reason why they sanctioned Herbalife last month for operating illegitimately. Maybe you shouldn’t be bashing something you don’t understand?

  61. The Answer says:


    Lmao stop it, you wrote that thesis to defend that BS because you want to convince yourself more than convince us. I know people that has done it or doing it and I know it’s a wack pyramid.

    If people were making so much money off IT. The sellers wouldn’t have to spend so much time on social medial begging people to join.
    People are tired of the posts
    Take a look at the numbers IT folks post something normal about their family or a selfie or something 50 likes from friends and fam followers post some IT works shit 0 likes you may have one or two but those 2 are from other IT sellers. When in fact is we are tired of you folks flooding our timelines with that BS

    And as far as the job thing no one is knowing being a entrepreneur no one here does. Plus most people with actual careers doing have to ASK for vacation or can’t call in sick etc. I go on vacation or take off work anytime I want hell I can wake up in the morning and decide to work from home instead of going to the office if I want.

    Lmao obviously you don’t realize that you are actually making your bosses rich by pubbing their shit that don’t work. And you are not actually a business owner you work for someone you sell their products they are not your own I could go on and on but you should get it . If you really want to be a entrepreneur start your own business for real. a lot of us laughing at the shit y’all pushing are that as well

    You’re welcome

  62. THE ANSER says:

    sorry for the typos i damn auto correct..

    knowing = KNOCKING

    doing have to ask = DONT HAVE TO ASK.

  63. Michael says:

    Lisa – one of your big claims is that you charge friends $100 for something that costs you $25. Please count me thankful that we are not friends. Btw, what to you charge people who are not your friends. If this opportunity is so great, why do more than 95% fail. And, if the products are so great, why are 95% of consultants still overweight. The answer to both questions is the products are bogus – just like you and your “business”. Yes, I would LMAO but it is not really funny that you are scamming people and have a very high probability (95+%) of failing and winding up in more debt and with less friends.

  64. John says:

    Hello. My name is John and I have a friend who sells It Works products. Sadly, this friend and I have slowly parted ways since I have zero interest in being part of her cool friend club and do not like her multiple social media post bragging about her at home job and ‘amazing’ products.

    These social media post usually consist of regurgitated green memes, indirect backhanded insults about how I probably don’t spend enough time with my kids because I have a real job, and how amazing it is for her to sleep-in and work from Disneyland. Post related to IW are only liked by her “Tribe” or “Wrap Sisters” and not many of her other friends.

    The company’s owner puts on an IW conference every year for his workers. You would think a multi-millionaire who owns his own private island could afford to let his own employees into the conference for free…but he doesn’t! Many IW employees pay $300 just to attend and that doesn’t include food, lodging, airfare, taxi service…but it includes lots of ‘fun’! haha…

    I’m no math doctor, but I do not understand how anyone makes money from this company? Even if the above Lisa is making $400 a month, is it worth alienating friends and family as so many on here have reported? You could probably spend less time working a real job part-time, make $400, and not piss of your friends.

  65. careylee says:

    @lisa what is so disturbing to me about this is the “feel good” “good news” and “shinyness” that’s pushed to people that are eager to find a way to “feel good” and “be good” … and it’s all superficial, short-term gratification that preys on the single moms, stay at home moms, etc. I seriously dislike the business model and the way they ram this stuff down people’s throats via social media, and then insinuate it is ordained by God. When the real truth is so not there for people to see …. this is what I really “see” with the family member (double diamond executive) that’s barely getting by (yes, still … 18 months later) …. but by her social media posts, she is living the good life! Yes, there should be a law against it! Let the buyer beware! It’s a cult!

  66. Michael says:

    Careylee – exactly my observation. Anyone I know that is involved in MLMs is saying they are making serious money but they are usually worse off than before they started and more desperate than ever. They will lie to and steal from their friends and family. Shameful! The question for these Itworks @business owners” (hahaha) is where do the pounds and inches go in the 45 minutes the wrap is on. Wrap sisters indeed.

  67. Tashia Mickie says:

    Ummm….What are the options? Work for corporate America -aka the ultimate Pyramid scheme? Lazy Man what do you suggest?

  68. Lazy Man says:

    Ugh, brainwashed MLMers never seem to get it… Corporate America is Not a Pyramid Scheme. Years ago, I wrote that article with the exact words that you’ve used. SERIOUSLY!!!

    You want to know what I suggest? It’s all here!

  69. Charlie says:

    I don’t understand the ‘make your boss rich’ by working a real job vs. be in a pyramid scheme (as in you’re not making someone rich?).
    With the creator of the IW cult owning his own island nowadays, pretty sure y’all made him rich. Not really a good platform to stand on.

    One IW seller I know seems to finally have inkling that she can’t do this forever if she wants to be able to support herself one day. She is casting her gaze into another direction and calling it ‘fate’ and something she’s ‘always wanted’ but all these dictating people in her life *confused face as I was raised in the same family* led her astray (a lot of “victims” in IW yeah?). Training/school doesn’t come for free though, so she’s trying to sell wraps and sign people up like crazy.
    “I’m looking for ONE person, to add to my team!…..”
    “I’m so excited about this CRAZY WRAP THING…..”
    “Now is the time! I want to add 3 people to my team! I will mentor and coach you….blah blah….”
    “Are you one of those that see my posts but tell yourself you don’t have time?…….”
    “OMG have you seen the wrap sale that’s happening now?….”

    Stop cluttering my feed woman! I only follow her to see pictures and real posts about the kiddos…but it takes a lot of digging!

  70. Geoff says:

    Tashia Mickie,

    Adding onto what LM said about how Corporate America is not a pyramid scheme.

    You said, “Work for corporate America -aka the ultimate Pyramid scheme?”

    Let’s just say that it is true and that Corporate America is a pyramid scheme (which it’s not, but we’ll pretend that it is for this). Why would that make It Works any better of a solution? This argument isn’t justifying It Works as a viable business, but rather distracting and slamming a different group of businesses. This is like someone robbing a thief and getting caught…it doesn’t matter who the person is that you robbed, it is still wrong whether you knew they were a thief or not.

    Also, why is everything so black and white? There are other ways to make a living other than working for It Works or Corporate America…This sort of damned if you do and damned if you don’t approach to life is never going to get you anywhere, and you should be focusing on finding a solution rather than wallowing in the problems.

  71. The Answer says:

    @tashia “Corp America is a Pyramid Scheme”? How Sway? I work in corp America and I also own my own business outside of that. I don’t have to pay my corp America career to stay employed by them (Like pyramid schemes) so that’s 1 reason its not….

    Also if I get paid or not is not dependent on me signing people up to “work under me”
    reason #2 its not like a pyramid scheme. I could go on and go but why.

    and LMMFAO @ Charlie
    you are completely run funny thing is all these chicks that sell that crap copy and paste each others statuses because everything you said is VERBATIM what I see as well.

    “looking for 2 people that’s ready to change their life today” ploys to make it sound exclusive.

    But to answer your question TAshia you don’t have to do either if you really want to be a Business Owner and not claim to be one but really aren’t like It works folks do. Then really start your own business. Find something you enjoy doing and figure out how you and make money off of it.

  72. Itworksblows says:

    All these women brag about being home with their kids but I swear, I have yet to see them actually doing anything with their kids. Kids are either sitting in front of the tv or an iPad or computer…. I might be crazy but isn’t being home with them mean you actually sit and play/teach them stuff??? At least when both parents are working out of the home the kids are in day care, playing with other kids, learning, being active, being social. I’d rather my child be in day care where they can learn to survive without me spoon feeding them or doing everything for them. Sure, you can work from your phone, but then your kids never get any attention bc you’re too busy talking on the phone or posting dumb shit to Facebook. I also don’t get the live videos…. Especially while driving with their kids in the car (off to target with Sally again bc mommy has no life and only knows how to spend money) your child’s life is irreplaceable. How could you live with yourself if you got into a car accident and heaven forbid your child died bc you were on face book live ranting about skin cream….. I just wish this company would just drop dead already.

  73. AP says:

    All I wonder is why did the FIRST “Black Diamond” all of a sudden leave?! If IWG is so great why did she leave? Hummm….

  74. Anon says:

    See this lawsuit

  75. AP says:

    “Leaders” tell distributors to tell customers “it’s some crazy California law don’t worry about it, our products have less than .25% of “that” in our products.” I wish there was a lawsuit against the company about “leaders” pushing lower distributors to get credit cards to make large orders or open PayPal accounts to send money to make large orders to make a promotion and boost sales for month end.

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