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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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I didn't really intend for this to be virtual assistant week... it just slipped into that way. Originally Beachgirl asked me how I found my virutal assistant and then Blogging Banks did the same. When I gave a quick write-up on how to find a virtual assistant, Single Ma thought that the idea of hiring an assistant is silly. That naturally leads to today's topic of why one might hire a virtual assistant.

The most obvious reason why anyone would hire anyone is efficiency. Let's pretend that I like being a software engineer and I'm good at it. People in Silicon Valley would easily paid $100 and hour for this. Let's also say that I'm really bad at changing the oil in my car and mowing my lawn - especially because this is true. Together these tasks would take me an hour easy. However, an oil change is around $25 (though it takes a few minutes of my time for the quick change place) and mowing a lawn could also be $25 (depending on the size of the lawn and the neighborhood kid I hire) and might take none of my time. Each job is done better than I could have done it. The key factor is that I can write software for an extra hour... and come out $50 ahead, and feel less stress. This is especially true when it comes to hiring some housekeeping services. I'm really inefficient in cleaning and I don't really care to be more efficent - it doesn't interest me.

The same concept holds in the virtual world. While I might be able to format, edit, add a picture, and publish my own content relatively efficiently (I do for all Lazy Man branded sites), there are some cases where I can practically be in more places at one time due to the virtual assistant. It goes back to the classic stand-by... time is money. Well, I'm buying more time for my money. That comes down to the value that you are getting for your money. Without a virtual assistant, I would have to be much less Lazy... and that's a bad thing.

Posted on July 10, 2009.

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12 Responses to “Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?”

  1. One thing we splurge on is cleaners.

    It frees up family time and eliminates a lot of negative energy from the house. We have never regretted the decision.

    Mind you, we still keep the place orderly, but there’s quality of life gained by not scrubbing toilets. I’d gladly sacrifice a few restaurant meals a month in order to pay for cleaners.

  2. Mod20Mayhem says:

    Since you can’t make my BBQ this weekend, how about sending your virtual assistant instead? That way you can represent.

  3. I agree with Kosmo. Hiring a cleaning service is the first thing anyone considering outsourcing should do. I’d rather cook more meals and cut back on cable TV in order to afford a cleaning service. Not only does it free up time, but it also helps my boyfriend and I to not squabble at each other. We’re both pretty messy and every once in a while, one of us says “I’ve had enough!” With a cleaning service, we don’t really blame each other.

    I recommend starting out with every 2 weeks, and going to every week after trimming other items from your budget.


  4. Lazy Man says:

    Sorry Mod20Mayhem, she lives in FL. Perhaps you can have a virtual BBQ so everyone can join.

  5. NatalieMac says:

    I completely agree that an assistant can be a huge help in moving projects forward. Stick to what you’re best at and hire people to do the rest. Then we’re all happier and all making money at what we do best.

  6. Affacturage says:

    The economic bubble was and is like a national and international Ponzi scheme (because it was based on the artificial and manipulation) created by government and politicians meddling, They don’t have a clue about business or economics,don’t have monetary/budget limits and care more about their special interests. Some meddling was due to good intentions, but the results were horrible for even the original people they were trying to help.

  7. Lori says:

    Although the getting more for your time and money are extremely important, it outsourcing to an expert gives you better quality work as well.

  8. On the downside, outsourcing removes the consequence of direct responsibility (e.g. for making a mess), it decreases competence (i.e. it narrows it down to a specialization), and it eventually makes one more dependent.

  9. Nikki Romero says:

    Some people find it hard to delegate and are so used to doing everything themselves. While this may give you excellent results (doing your own quality work), this barely leaves you enough time to work on other important projects, grow your business and spend time with your loved ones. Doing everything yourself limits the results you can get.

    So, if you want your business to soar, you have to learn to outsource (the proper way! :)). Finding the right virtual assistant/s for your business will fast track its growth and success.

  10. Well done… This is one of the fundamental arguments made by Tim Ferris in his book the 4-hour work week. Delegate tasks you don’t enjoy and concentrate more on the ones you do!

    Way to go Lazy Man!

  11. arvinphilweb says:

    How would you benefit having virtual assistants work for you? Unlike hiring an employee, you don’t have to deal with the complications of having to deal with one, like insurance and legal responsibilities. You don’t need to pay virtual assistants vacation time, sick leaves and premium time for holidays. You also don’t have to pay them for their medical and dental benefits. Virtual assistants operate remotely hence; you wouldn’t need extra computers, desks, phones for their use. You can also have more focus on your business since you are freed from the mundane tasks that are inherent to your business. You also have the freedom of having to work from any location since you can always contact your virtual assistants and have them do what you want to be done. Virtual assistants can really give you more time to pursue other activities.

  12. Barbara Taylor says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I have never thought about comparing cleaning and oil changes to a Virtual Assistant but it made a very nice comparion. Using a Virtual Assistant is without a doubt a great way to grow your business. Virtual Assistants arer a valuable asset to any entrepreneur. My favorite part of being a VIrtual Assistant is the satisfaction I receive from watching a business grow and prosper. I’m glad that you appreciate yours. :)

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