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Where to Spend Less Without Sacrificing Quality

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Quality consumer goods seem to get more expensive every year. How are you supposed to live life well when you're forced to spend tons of money on the items you need? Luckily, you can spend less without sacrificing quality by comparing your options and making the better choice. These five products will keep more money in your checking account while introducing you to the world of luxury.

Ninja Blender

Vitamix has a reputation for making some of the world's most powerful blenders. It also has a reputation for charging hefty prices. Even the cheapest model costs about $350.

In 2013, Ninja introduced a blender with the same capabilities as Vitamix. A side-by-side comparison of the Ninja Ultima and Vitamix 5200 shows that the Vitamix only offers minor advantages. It is quieter than the Ninja, but it also costs $220 more.

Unless you really need a quiet blender, the Ninja Ultima is the obvious choice that will give you great quality with significant savings.

DeLonghi Espresso Machine

A lot of people who love espresso choose to get their caffeine fixes from cafes instead of making their own drinks at home. Considering that the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine retails at $1,000, that's an understandable decision. Unless you're really loaded, it's tough to spend that much money at once on a luxury item.

Just because you're not wealthy, though, doesn't mean you have to give your hard-earned cash to a barista every morning. A DeLonghi Espresso Maker has features that closely align with the DeLonghi's. The biggest difference is that it costs about $700 less. And that assumes that you buy the DeLonghi at regular price instead of hunting for a sale that will save you even more money.

iPhone 5c

Image via Flickr by pestoverde

The Apple iPhone 5c offers impressive features like an 8MP iSight camera and a four-inch Retina display. That makes it comparable to some of the world's most expensive smartphones. There are smartphones with similar features that cost anywhere from $5,000 to $11,000. You could buy a used car for that much money.

Assuming that you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a phone, the iPhone 5c is the smarter option. Its full retail price is about $350. But you don't even have to pay for it all at once. If you get wireless service from a company like T-Mobile, you can make monthly payments that make the iPhone even more affordable.

Simi Chardonnay

How much do you expect to pay for a bottle of truly delicious chardonnay? If you're a wine buff, you probably don't think twice about dropping $50 on a good bottle. For special occasions, you probably don't even mind spending over $100 on a bottle from France.

The problem with a lot of these bottles is that you're paying for the vineyard instead of the wine. France has a long history of making beautiful chardonnays. That history might matter to serious oenophiles, but any flavor distinctions have more to do with what's in your mind than what's on your tongue.

For an affordable alternative that offers a similar flavor and body, turn to chardonnays from Sonoma County, California. The 2013 Simi Chardonnay gets particularly high ratings from wine enthusiasts. You can pick up a bottle for less than $15. Unless you're trying to impress someone with your knowledge of European wines, this is the way to go.

NovosBed Mattress

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial to your health and well-being. It's so important that some people willingly spend $3,600 on Tempur-pedic memory foam mattresses. Perhaps they think that it's ok to spend that much money on something they will use every night. But doesn't $3,600 seem pretty outrageous? There are so many things you could do with that money.

Enter NovosBed. NovosBed makes memory foam mattresses that feel just as comfortable as the ones from Tempur-pedic. The difference is that you can buy a NovosBed mattress for about $800. That saves you nearly $3,000. Any small benefit that you might get from Tempur-pedic doesn't look so impressive next to $3,000 cash.

Now that you have some affordable options, you can buy more of the items you've always wanted. Don't stop here, though. There are plenty of ways to spend less without sacrificing quality.

Last updated on November 7, 2015.

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