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What to do about Hawaii trip

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For those who haven't heard the news yet, Hawaii was hit by a 6.3 or 6.6 earthquake today. This is an entirely selfish thought, but I can't help but be concerned about my trip next month. I booked my flight a full 12 hours before quake as luck would have it.

I'm going to take some time from thinking about my trip and just hope that the people are okay.

Last updated on October 27, 2006.

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2 Responses to “What to do about Hawaii trip”

  1. Deyl says:

    you’ll be fine! i was there when it hit. there was a good bit of damage to a few of the hotels, but as long as you’re not in the Mauna Kea, you’ll be good :)

  2. It looks like it is fine. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of information available and it was kind of scary.

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