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What is Quantitative Easing?

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If you are a regular reader, you'll know that I rarely go into macroeconomics. While I understand it is important and it does impact me, my voice in the national economy is quite small. Instead, I focus on personal finance and the things that I can control. However, I have a friend with an advanced degree who deeply involved in macroeconomics. He's like E.F. Hutton to me... when he talks, I listen.

This time when he spoke, he sent an email to a YouTube video about Quantitative Easing. I found it hilarious. Before you view it I want to make a few points:

  • There is very minor use of a couple of profanities. I've heard a lot worse on Rescue Me or Nip Tuck, but I thought I'd give a heads up for those with sensitive ears.
  • My friend pointed out that while there are some truths in the video, it is carefully spun to show only one side of the story. You could watch similar videos of iPhone4 vs HTC Evo and HTC EVO vs iPhone4 (both equally hilarious) and come away with opposing views. I don't expect the Federal Reserve to put out a cartoon on YouTube, so let's look this as one side of the HTC Evo vs. the iPhone 4 debate.
  • The video doesn't represent my opinion or even the opinion of my friend. It's Friday and I thought a little light comedy would be the perfect start to the weekend.

If you want to learn a little more about the making of the video... here's an interview with the creator:

Oh and if you really want to learn more on quantitative easing, there's a Wikipedia article for that.

Last updated on November 22, 2010.

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2 Responses to “What is Quantitative Easing?”

  1. Blue Spyder says:

    LMAO I’m offended and highly giddy at the same time!

    QE2 isn’t gonna work point blank, best thing we could have done was tax cuts to businesses to create jobs or vocational schools to retrain unemployed. Obama needs to research the New Deal by Franklin Roosevelt asap or he’s getting the JFK treatment…

  2. StL reflections says:

    I mean, that was funny, and a good presentation of one side.
    But I confess I’m a little skeptical on the details-
    You might note that housing prices have gone down dramatically over the last year-which makes for pretty serious deflation. Most economists in this country seem perfectly content with QE, Krugman and Delong, who I read the most are very much in favor.

    It does sound like there would be better means to buy the treasuries to cut out the middleman however.

    And Blue, we have had tax cuts for businesses and increased student loans for retraining in the stimulus, and that hasn’t solved things either.

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