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Welcome Energi Gal

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It's my pleasure to announce an addition to Lazy Man and Money.  The elusive fiancee that I've talked about in passing is going to be bringing her own financial thoughts to the site.  Initially she might only post once or twice a week.  There may be weeks where she doesn't post at all.

Energi Gal will bring an interesting dichotomy to Lazy Man and Money.  She was raised in an atmosphere where personal finance was never talked about and many, many mistakes were made.  In contrast, I grew up reading Kiplinger's and owning mutual funds at age 14.  She can give an entirely different view point on many issues and raise a lot of new owns.

We are just getting started, stick around it should be a lot of fun.

Posted on December 7, 2006.

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8 Responses to “Welcome Energi Gal”

  1. Sun says:

    Congratulations to the addition! It would be interesting to see how different you two are in managing the money, given the different backgrounds.

  2. Savvy Steward says:

    That’s awesome. Looking forward to some of her posts. I don’t think I could ever get my fiancée to write for my blog. Maybe once we’re married.

  3. Thanks. It was actually her idea. I’m pretty excited that she’s taken an interest in personal finance. If only I could get her interested in football, I’d be all set. ;-).

    Savvy Stewart, how do you type that accented “e”? I’ve tried Googling and really haven’t been able to come up with a general solution – just stuff for Microsoft Word and other specific applications.

  4. dimes says:

    I’m not stewart, but I can tell you how to make an é. If you have a keyboard with a keypad on the right side, you hold down the left “alt” key and while doing so type 0233 on the keypad. If you have a laptop, God help you.
    Actually no. If you have a laptop, hold down the “fn” key, the left shift key, the left alt key, and then press mkll (or whatever key combination has a little 0233 on the front side of the key). Whew! Try being a foreign language major.
    I’m excited to get her viewpoint. Don’t think I’d ever let Mr Dimes type though. He’s pretty anti-blog.

  5. Foobarista says:

    Another trick that works is to create and keep a file of special characters in Notepad and cut&paste the ones you need when you need them. If you can’t create them at all, cut&paste them into your file from websites. Cut&paste will work with special chars even if your keyboard can’t create them.

    It’s horribly inconvenient, but works even if you don’t have the right type of keyboard or native charset settings.

  6. Thanks, with a little searching I found a site that could help me. Since it was originally a PDF here’s the Google Cache version

    It made it a nice two keystroke solution.

  7. MollysBrother says:

    What a great idea! I think hearing “the other side of the story” will had such a wonderful perspective–and help a ton of other couples out there who might see themsevles through your posts.


  8. Lazy Man says:

    Maybe that’s what I get for going to a school that is 90% Jewish :D.

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