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Weekly Financial Review #11

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Let's start this up with the most interesting topic and go from there...

  • On Monday, I got contacted by business development person. He must have seen my mattress post, because he thought I sold mattresses. It sounded like he has some clients to sell the mattresses to. Alas, since I do not sell mattresses, I can't take advantage. If you sell mattresses, let me know and I'll pass along my contacts information.
  • I drove by a billboard for a Donald Trump Learning Annex speaking tour. I didn't find it that exciting except for the headline, which reads, "Meet Donald Live." I immediately wondered if it would count if I met him dead or previously recorded.
  • I transfered $2000 from my checking to pay off part of my Home Equity Line of Credit.

I've decided that I'd start to put in some non-financial thoughts of the week. Perhaps this will add a little more "personal" to the "personal finance."

  • Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol just won't get off the radio. The amazing thing to me is that the song wasn't nearly as good as it's debut hit "Run."
  • While on the topic of music, I can only find one good radio station in San Francisco - Live 105.3.  It's the only station where I could imagine hearing System of a Down and Pearl Jam's Black.  In Boston, FNX, BCN, and AAF would play this genre.
  • I've been enjoying the parenting blogs of Raising 4 Boys and Days Like These. Raising 4 Boys is written by popular personal finance blogger Five Cent Nickel, while Days Like These is someone is a reader that's been bouncing questions off of me lately. If I had children, I'd probably enjoy those blogs even more.

Posted on March 23, 2007.

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4 Responses to “Weekly Financial Review #11”

  1. Scott says:

    So you know, 104.9 FM is back on the air as an alternative rock station here in the Bay Area. I don’t know what happened with that “Radio Romantica” stuff they were playing for a while, but it’s gone now. Reception is pretty good here in San Jose, not sure about SF though.

  2. Boston Gal says:

    Did you know that Donald Trump gets paid something crazy like $1 million per Learning Annex class!?!

  3. Spring for XM – you won’t regret it. I know that you are a big baseball guy from previous posts. Between the baseball and all the music channels – specifically oriented to splinter formats, you would go nuts. It was easily the best thing that I purchased all of last year. As my name would indicate, I travel a lot, and I would hate getting into my rental car and not being able to find a decent music channel anywhere on the dial. Now, I don’t need to find the local all-sports channel, I know that #140 is ESPN. I do prefer the local channels when I can find them – and they are good – WFAN in NY, for example – but, what do you do when you are in Buffalo? Listen to four days of incessant Bills and Sabres talk? Negative.

    But, it is getting every baseball game, all season, with the local announcers that makes the whole deal worth it for me. This is one of the things that is worth the monthly splurge in costs.

  4. Lazy Man says:

    Scott, thanks for the radio station. It rocks!

    Travelin’ Man… My commute is pretty short, so I’m not ready to spring for XM yet. I’m still counting on Slingbox to get baseball. They are releasing a client for my cell phone, so I’ll connect that to my car and listen to the audio of it.

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