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Weekend Personal Finance Review – Movie and Drinks Edition

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Last night could have been one of the most fun and interesting nights of my life, but for some reason I just wasn't in the right frame of mind. It started off with a trip to see American Fusion, a new independent film showing only in select cities. My wife knows a relative of the director, Frank Lin, and he was supposed to be there watching it with us, but had something come up. My wife did get to talk with Frank Lin earlier in the day though, I just wasn't around for it. I didn't expect the movie to interest me at all as it was about two cultures, Chinese and Mexican, neither of them one I can identify with. I ended up thinking it was very good movie, though it was a bit like My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

After the movie, I was all set to go home and relax, when the crowd decided that going to a bar would be great idea. Since I couldn't put myself in a good mood, I was prepared to have a horrible time. It turns out that one of the members in our group knows the owner of the bar. Ten minutes later my wife and I are sharing a shot of Grand Marnier that was supposedly 200 years old. I can't seem to find a bottle of it on the Internet and I didn't get to see the bottle, but it was an amazing liquor that I would never purchase myself.

This week I want to highlight two particularly great articles:

Money, Matter, and More Musings writes Life is Like a Game of Chess and goes into detail about adaptation, sacrifice, avoiding temptation, and planning ahead. It's just a great read and should have had about 16,000 Digg votes by now.

The Digerati Life continues to put out articles that I wish I had written. I could probably highlight 3 or 4 each week, but this week I'm going with Stop Being Poor! What Low-Income Earners Can Do To Get Off Minimum Wage. There's no magic bullet here, just planning and action.

Here's what else I liked this week:

Free Money Finance says that Time Shares are not an Investment. We own a time share and find that it's very much a break even purchase if you use it. Unfortunately the two weeks a year we get at Marriott in Aruba is more than we can typically use with the limited vacation time I have. If anyone wants to spend a week in Aruba at a great resort in the next couple of years shoot me an e-mail - perhaps we can work out a fair price.

Money Smart Life writes about how people are making money reselling on Ebay and how retailers are upset over it. I have an idea for the retailers, raise the prices. Might Bargain Hunter has a series on Making Money with an Ebay Store.

One of the reasons why I love Generation X Finance is that he has great charts and technical stock information. This week he says that The Dow is falling through support levels, which is not a good sign for the stock market.

Along similar lines The Sun's Financial Diary presents a lot of global and niche investment options. One week he'll write about water ETFs, but this week he writes about trading global stocks. It sounds very expensive, so I won't be participating in this.

Five Cent Nickel wrote about Money and Happiness. He must be tapping into my computer because I have a rough draft of a post with the same topic for this week.

The Blueprint for Financial Prosperity gives some good reasons to have credit and debt.

AskDong writes about home future prices. This could be a nice hedge if you own property and think that rates may fall.

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary took a trip to Boston & Newport, two places that Lazy Man considers home.

Last updated on August 1, 2011.

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