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Weekend Personal Finance Review

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Here are some articles that I liked from around the personal finance blogosphere.

Binary Dollar gives some basics of Home Equity Line of Credits (HELOCs) and Taxes. I have a HELOC and I didn't know half of these things.

Ben at Money Smart Life is starting a point-counterpoint series on personal finance. Bonus points to Ben for the link to the Lazy Man.

Jeremy gives a first quarter financial review. I was surprised to see the S&P 500 didn't do as well as I thought. I also enjoy following oil prices as it tells me which way gas prices are going. I use this to fill up my car more during cheap gas times and less during expensive gas times. Yes, I'm weird.

Five Cent Nickel asks, "Is $4/Gallon Gas in Our Near Future?" My answer to that is simply yes. I saw it last week around San Francisco - the price for the cheapest gas was $4.09 at one station. Of course, literally across the street it was $3.59, so go figure.

The Sun's Financial Diary gives a run-down Vanguard's new reduced fees. I'd stick to low cost ETFs still. I don't think they are better than Vanguard funds just different.

Free Money Finance reviews some statistics about working. It looks like my commute time is normal as it usually takes me 20 minutes or so. The vacation time average of 14 days was kind of painful to read. Until very recently, I had only been getting 10 which is hardly enough to have a wedding, much less plan any trips to see family. Happily it was raised to 15 days and will be 20 for me come October. I value vacation time greatly in a job.

Silicon Valley Blogger gives a whimsical look at two stock trading methods: Technical and Fundamental.

GolbGuru may have found my solution to go from San Francisco to Boston and back cheap. The whole trip could cost around $80 on the new Skybus service. Sadly, it's requires hitting everything exactly right and with a lay-over in Ohio. The worst part is that you can't book directly through, you have to make a series of one way flights.

Blueprint to Financial Prosperity writes what a high school personal finance curriculum might look like. I don't need to tell you that the United States is sorely lacking in this area. I'd like to see it started much, much before high school.

Mighty Bargain Hunter has a story that Foreclosuers are up 47%. It's a sad, sad situation, but I wonder if it opens up the door for myself to pick up a home at a bargain price - probably not.

Posted on April 29, 2007.

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  1. skTheTwo says:

    On the gas prices front, I got upset by the recent gas price hikes and decided to put my math skills to work and see if I can predict short term gas price changes. The result is a 3 day “gas cast” – it tells you the best day to buy gas in the next 3 days. I update it daily. Does it really work ? Well, back testing it against several years of gas prices showed at average reduction in cost of 2 cents/gallon. Anyway, see for yourself at my homepage.

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