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Weekend Personal Finance Review

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It's time for another review of articles that I liked this past week. Unfortunately, I'm about two weeks behind in my feed reader, so I'm going to have to go off of memory of sites that I visit often enough.

  • My first favorite article is a compilation of the best frugal financial advice. It's an ambitious article, but it succeeds.
  • Binary Dollar has an article about Lowering student loans, but saving interest using automatic payments. I lucked myself into a sweet scholarship, avoiding student loans, but if I hadn't I would be doing this.
  • Generation X Finance writes about misrepresenting purchases with your spouse. I misrepresent purchases with Energi Gal all the time. It's a fun game we play ;-).
  • Money Smart Life has an article reminding us to always ask for a discount. I have used the business discount in the past. I'm not sure it's altogether honest, but my company was partially owned by AOL, so I tossed the name out there. I don't stay in hotels that often, but it's probably worked more than 50% of the time in a very small sample size.
  • Money, Matter, and more Musings details all the tricks of the Milk Bottle Carnival game. I was at the Santa Cruz boardwalk yesterday and of course they had the milk bottle game. I didn't play realizing that it was rigged against me. Plus, my little league coached told me that I don't have the best control.
  • The Sun's Financial Diary has an article about taxes. I was a little surprised not to find Nevada in the least taxes rate. I hadn't done a lot of research there, but there's no state tax and I hear that property tax is low. The casino's must not be paying high wages. I also expected to see Massachusetts and California in the most taxed places, but since the average person makes more maybe it doesn't show up.

Posted on April 8, 2007.

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One Response to “Weekend Personal Finance Review”

  1. Dong says:

    I know Massachusetts gets a reputation as Taxachusetts, but it’s really not all that bad for individuals. Income taxes, and sales taxes are middle of the road. However that taxes comparison are always hard to make just because it really depends on the individual and how they spend their money. Some states may be great for some people and awful for other because of capital gains vs. income vs. sales vs. property vs. sin taxes.

    Corporation in Masschusetts pay relatively high corporate rates though at 9.5% though.

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