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Weekend Personal Finance Review

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Continuing on last weekend's new feature, here are some articles that I liked from last week:

  • Money, Matter, and More Musings has an article about how long it takes to double your money. This is my favorite article of the week. I have lot more to say about this... maybe even enough to write a whole week's worth of articles.
  • Generation X Finance writes about a real estate problem. The Baby Boomers are adding more housing supply than the Generation X can buy. Also Generation X's dream homes are not the McMansions that the Baby Boomers enjoyed. Jeremy scores some bonus points by citing the Boston Globe. I wish the problem would trickle to San Mateo county as the median price is around 870K
  • The Digerati Life brings a different kind of real estate problem to light - mortage fraud and sub-prime lending. Take a look at the pictures of homes that a million dollars buys you where I live in northern California. Read the article and I think you'll see why I'm expecting a correction in the market. This is one large reason why I rent and collect the profits from an assumed "high cost of living" (when it's really not that bad). Maybe the generation gap real estate problem will make the housing prices here a little more palatable.
  • Money Smart Life reminds us of a quick way to save money. Call up your cable company and request a cheaper rate. Often times just mentioning the Dish network (tell them the Major League Baseball package is important to you), will get you a better rate.
  • Sun's Financial Diary tells us that Citibank is going to make 0% balance transfers a lot harder through increased fees. It's yet another reason why I ended my credit card arbitrage plan.
  • Henry at Binary Dollar has a Venn-Diagram on how to get rich. It's not the most technical of diagrams that I've seen. And if I can be a little picky... I thought that yellow and blue make green. Wouldn't blue and orange make some puke looking color?

Posted on April 1, 2007.

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