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Weekend Personal Finance Review

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We've had some guests from out of town, so time has been at a premium this weekend. I'm lucky to get this out at all.  While I'm here, I'd like to give some thanks to all the fathers out there on father's day.

MoneySmartLife highlights that Chase says a credit limit is an opportunity. They bill it as a way to spend more money, but I really think it is an opportunity. Having more credit, as long as it's not used, can help your credit rating.

The Digerati Life has found the value of Craigslist. It's where I got my PDA cheaply.

Money, Matter, and More Musings gives the secret to happiness. In reading this, I realized there's probably a 40% chance that Golbguru is married to my fiancée. This could be bad, very bad.

Generation X says you can save money by asking friends and family for referrals.

Binary Dollar gives some good reasons for having an umbrella policy. I should look into getting one of these.

Sun's Financial Diary asks if you would chase a stock lower. I think the conventional wisdom says that you shouldn't buy something that continuously goes down. I successfully bought CNET from 1998-2003 hitting it at some highs and some lows. By buying a lot of shares on the low it made me enough to offset the losses. In the end, I feel it was an advantage to know the stock.

Five Cent Nickel writes about how movie theatres make money.

Free Money Finance gives some numbers on home assessments. I should look to see if mine is assessed at what it should be.

Mighty Bargain Hunter says a good way to make some money is to throw a party. If you've heard of a Tupperware party, you get the general idea. In my opinion this is not a party, it's exploiting your friends. My fiancée has a friend that sells stuff for the Pampered Chef. We never use the stuff and it's always way overpriced.

The Grill Maestro asks you to send him to cooking school. I voted for him. If you get a second, I suggest you do too.

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary reviews Ben Stein's suggested portfolio. I think Ben is a very smart man. I can't argue too much with his portfolio except that I would suggest he add some small caps via Vanguard's VB ETF.

Lastly, I was included in a Carnival of Personal linkfest at Finance is Personal.

Posted on June 17, 2007.

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