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Weekend Personal Finance Links

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Today I'm off to Napa Valley for wine tasting with my wife's mom and sister. It sounds like a perfect activity for dealing with the in-laws - if I didn't have to be the designated driver.

My first article of the round-up is my own... I wrote an Do You Need a Budget for my side Prosper.com writing gig.

Generation X Finance has some last minute gift ideas.

SVB from The Digerati Life gives us here thoughts on a heavy debt load.

The Sun's Financial Diary tells you how to get $100 in free money.

Money Smart Life warns of merry mob madness mentality. Say that 5 times fast.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity gives his tips for saving on wine. I'm flattered that he liked my post on saving on wine, enough to add his own thoughts.

Free Money Finance says that you can study for an interview. He's right and with my job search, I've found that I simply haven't prepared very well. Part of that is that my mind isn't on a day job.

Blockbuster is increasing it's prices on Five Cent Nickel. One has to wonder how long the war between them and Netflix can last. Either way consumers win.

Mighty Bargain Hunter says be careful about tipping your hand. I liked this line at the end the most, "If this kicks off a mutually beneficial exchange, then some trust is built." I've found that this trust is often worth more than the ideas.

No Credit Needed tells the story of why he started his debt reduction blog.

Posted on December 22, 2007.

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