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Weekend Personal Finance Links (Palm Pre vs. iPhone Edition)

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I'd like to wish all the father's out there a Happy Father's Day. I'm not going to go into Father's Day very much... my father died when I was young. Also, at age 33, I'm not a father myself. I suppose I'm a daddy to our dog, Jake, but I'm not expecting a cake or anything. In fact, he didn't even let me sleep late this morning - ungrateful mutt :-).

Now that I've thoroughly depressed everyone, let's switch to a more happy topic... the new iPhone came out this week. My office is abuzz and of course a couple of people had them on the first day. I've been loving my Palm Pre. (The drawback is fairly poor battery life - even after implementing the suggestions from around the web). One of the more interesting things that I've found is that people ask me what amazing thing the Palm Pre thing that the iPhone doesn't do. Personally, I'd like to just say "work on Sprint which is a lot cheaper." It's funny these people only seem to care about the price of the device... and these are the smart, mature ones.

I've come up with a new demo though to why the Palm Pre is great. I pick up the phone and slide it open and start typing in "Ted Williams." It's great to show how the first few types of "Ted" show options to dial 314 (the same number keys on the Pre), as well as my contact list. I finish off the Williams and then hit the Wikipedia button. In 6 seconds I've finished my typing and in around 10, I'm at Wikipedia reading about Ted Williams. I can't think of a faster, more direct way to get the information.

There's a bit of a rivalry coming along between the two devices. Fans of both sides are starting to compare the two devices. I've been a little drawn in by them on sites like:

Before we get to the links, I have a short money story to share:
In other news, I was doing some cleaning this weekend when I my wife suggested that I use the Clorox Ready Mop pads with the Swifter we have. I take it out of the box and ask, "How does this clean?" The answer, "It doesn't, you have to put down cleaner first?" My response, "You mean we paid money for paper towels on a stick?" It seems we did. They didn't even absorb very well.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my wife is surprising me with doggie daddy pizza. Yay!

Here are the links for this week:

Money Writers:

Awesome Personal Finance Posts:

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3 Responses to “Weekend Personal Finance Links (Palm Pre vs. iPhone Edition)”

  1. Thanks for the link! I got the Palm Pre and LOVE it. I used the navigation this weekend on my way to Houston of the Dane Cook show and it rerouted me through an accident and some construction. It was pretty cool! Are you planning to write a review of it soon? I’ll probably post one myself this next week.

    Thanks again for the link! Have a great weekend!

  2. My father’s day began at 2 AM :( Daughter got back to sleep some time around 5 …

  3. mbhunter says:

    Thanks for the link! Glad you enjoyed it.

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