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Weekend Personal Finance Links – Giving Congrats Edition

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I opened up this month's Money Magazine and found a surprise. On page 68, there's a mention to two of my favorite blogs: Get Rich Slowly and Consumerism Commentary. If you've been reading this site for some time, it should be no surprise that the magazine singled them out.

Money Magazine didn't particularly have a lot good to say about personal finance blogs, "... the blogosphere has scores of options, some worth your time and plenty not." I suppose it depends on the value of your time, but I've learned a lot more reading blogs than I have from Money Magazine. I guess we may have to disagree on this one. Onto the links that I liked this week:

Golbguru of Money, Matter, and More Musings says that an asset is best appreciated when lost. Oddly enough it was about a year ago today, that Golbguru left a comment on my post about Self Appreciation Day. It's funny how sometimes things come around like that.

One of the best ways to make this list is to write an article about one of my articles. Mighty Bargain Hunter did just that by with his article When Recruiters Compete, You Win?. To answer one of his questions, I assumed an Ebay model, where the owner of the product (a job in this case) pays to get that product listed in front of an audience. It's seems that's only part of Monster's revenue streams.

Money Smart Life has an way of earning some extra money creating video product reviews.

The Digerati Life has 16 tips for saving money on groceries. My favorite is the last one of not shopping with the kids if possible.

The Sun's Financial Diary asks if he should pay off his car loan. I like his idea of getting a 0% credit card as he'll save 4.9% during that time - and he has the cash to pay it off in full if he needs to.

Generation X Finance says maybe you shouldn't be tapping into home equity for the holidays. It's odd to me that people even think like that.

While on the topic of home equity, Blueprint for Financial Prosperity suggests not using home equity to pay off unsecured debt.

No Credit Needed has one of the better ideas that I've seen, reviewing all his articles this year. I may have to do this.

If you are still reading this you deserve to win something. Give your luck a try at some budgeting software from Free Money Finance.

Five Cent Nickel is planning a cruise. I just came back from a cruise a month ago. My advice to him would be to watch out for the excursions - they get pricey real quickly.

Posted on December 15, 2007.

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6 Responses to “Weekend Personal Finance Links – Giving Congrats Edition”

  1. Personally I’m waiting for media outlets like Money Magazine to admit that they are not superior to, but only equal to, the blogosphere. Opinions are opinions, whether online or in print. There’s still a prejudice by the print media to think they are superior, but it’s unfounded. Good for GRS and CC, well-deserved – 90,000 subscribers is not a number that should be disregarded by any media outlet.

  2. Tom says:

    GRS is also one of my favorite PF blogs.

    I just subscribed to Money so I’ll have to check out that article when it arrives.

  3. plonkee says:

    Well, unless there are like a thousand personal finance blogs that I’ve never seen that are completely rubbish, I think the blogosphere is at least the equal of the print stuff. Looking at it from their point of view, if they said that blogs were just as good as magazines, then who would be buying their product?

  4. HeMan says:

    The blogosphere is going to eventually dominate the magazine industry much like the internet has done for print newspapers. There are a couple of things that have to happen first, but really, it’s all just a matter of time.

  5. Writers Coin says:

    I’m surprised about the negative jab at PF Blogs. I think we’ll all see that eventually give way to a great acceptance and preference for blogs in the future. Just like all the reviews on Amazon, word of mouth is still the preferred way that people find out and trust trying new things.

    Especially when it comes to personal finance, since people just want an everyday voice talking to them and trying to help, not trying to sell them a product.

    SO I agree with HeMan.

  6. dong says:

    I think Money is OK, but I don’t have a subscription to it anymore but do subscribe to many a blog. It’s not suprising, Money has vested interest to protect it’s readership from being poached.

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