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Weekend Personal Finance Links (DDoS and Timeshares in Focus)

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I'm still working with a couple companies to keep this website up and active. In the meantime, I will be giving occasional updates via Twitter (@LazyManAndMoney). I plan to put in some time creating guest posts for various blogs, so look for some content there.

The plan for the next few days is to focus on vacation and timeshare ownership. It's fresh in my mind as I've just returned from a week's vacation in Maui. I will focus this articles on specifics (Marriott's Vacation Club for example). While you may not be able to relate to those specifics, I believe larger trends can be extrapolated from them.

For now, let's kick things off with some personal finance links:

Top PF Posts:

Posted on February 21, 2012.

This post deals with:


... and focuses on:


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4 Responses to “Weekend Personal Finance Links (DDoS and Timeshares in Focus)”

  1. Thanks for the reads.
    Mmmm… Maui. Just what the doctor ordered!

  2. MJS says:

    Been a long time follower of your site. Usually skip the scam based articles, but enjoy other aspects. Was wondering how you pick which other blogs to link to. After clicking through a few of them, I find numerous instances of misleading or outright erroneous information. Hopefully people do their homework and not blindly follow your fellow writers.

    • Lazy Man says:


      I understand on the scam thing. They aren’t for everyone, but I’ve received a lot of mail on how I’ve helped a lot of people with the articles. I figure I could write a dozen articles on saving a few dollars with extremely frugal measures, but that’s well covered in the personal finance blogosphere. Instead, I think it makes sense to help the under-served areas that aren’t being talked about much. If you search the Internet for many of the scams that I mentioned, there are tons of websites urging people to get on board, because they make money from it. They are particularly well hidden and cost millions of people billions of dollars a year. I’m actually thinking of doing one scam every couple of weeks in the future.

      Typically the articles are selected based on a combination of personal connections (yes, I like to help out people who help me) and have garnered a lot of interest in the personal finance blogosphere. One of the great things about these blogs is that if you don’t agree or if people want more clarity on the subject, they can leave a comment and the author will usually respond. When Suze Orman gives misleading information it is much more difficult to get ahold of her to respond.

  3. Evan says:

    Thanks for the mention!

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