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Weekend Personal Finance Links (“Busted Vacation?” Edition)

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Our week-long vacation in Aruba is starting to wrap up. The bad news is that the weather in Aruba has been much worse than anticipated. We've had about 3 hours of sun all week. I went swimming as many times as I've had birds poop on me: once. Fortunately, a bird pooping on you is good luck and after it happened yesterday, we had our best dinner on the island, and walked away from the casino with double our money. (I'm not a big gambler, but a couple of times a year, I like to dabble in small amounts - usually $50-75.)

I'll be shifting on to the Boston leg of the trip before too long. Perhaps I'll have an article coming earlier this next week. I wonder if I can type while I'm in line at customs?

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Posted on September 26, 2010.

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