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Weekend Personal Finance Links

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Much of my day slipped away when a MonaVie distributor decided to threaten to physically harm me over at my website explaining how MonaVie is a scam. I spent a little too much time trying to show him how he's Brainwashed by MonaVie. This process is usually a lot quicker, but my new laptop seems to be possessed. The "6" key stays depressed at random times, making typing a sentence a difficult process. An external keyboard does help, but it's still not the same.

So hopefully, early this week, I will have my laptop serviced by Dell for the third time in two weeks. The earlier they can schedule me in, the earlier I can start being fully productive again. So let's just jump to the links with no further delay:

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Top PF Posts:

Posted on August 1, 2010.

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7 Responses to “Weekend Personal Finance Links”

  1. In spite of a few speed bumps, the migration was still a lot better than I had feared – but, yes, a single place to go to for a migration guide would have been nice. There’s lot of information out there, but at times the sources conflict with each other :) In the end, all my articles were in place, associated with the correct author, including all of the comments. All plug-ins were working correctly (other than WP Stats – and I just needed to go to WordPress.com and add the new domain).

    I think the most important thing is to make sure you have the time to do things correctly – with a lot of wiggle room to fail. It took a few attempts for me to get it right, but I wasn’t working against any sort of deadline (since only about 5 people in the entire world knew about the name change), so I had time to play with. Heck, I had enough time left over to create the masterpiece of a logo I have. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic … graphic design is NOT my strong suit). Having a bit of an understanding of MySql also made it easier.

    And don’t sell yourself short – you were quite helpful in the process.

    I’ll refrain from making any snide remarks about your Windows-based laptop. :)

  2. Lazy Man says:

    If you installed MacOS or Linux on it, the same demon would strike. It’s a hardware issue.

    I’ve still had a much easier time with my laptop than I had with the new iPod Touch I bought a year ago. The “Genius” Bar finally quit and said, “We’ll just give you a new one, this one is beyond hope.”

  3. Hardware. Sure. Keep drinking Uncle Bill’s Kool-Aid.

    Do you make a habit of traveling with large electromagnets on your person? That couldn’t definitely explain computer problems. We have a guy in the office who can zap a computer from 20 paces, just by looking at it.

  4. Lazy Man says:

    My computer science degree (where none of Bill’s computers were available) comes in handy here.

    How did the guy power his electromagnetics?

  5. I must check out Kosmo’s new site. And I must hear more about the Monavie incident. A Catan reunion is at hand, given I haven’t been beaten in months.

  6. Kosmo’s logo is awesome. I like the new site. It looks great man given you did it all. :) I always get my husband to do that kind of work…

  7. You actually like the logo? I’ve had surprisingly good feedback for it. It did take my wife a moment to realize that the background is just our kitchen table :) Maybe sometimes simpler is better.

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