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Weekend links: Seven Ferraris and a Yugo Edition

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This morning the wife and I went the grocery to pick up a couple of staples for the next week. We didn't feel like getting all dressed up, so we put on some sweatpants and left the house to the local Safeway. We didn't expect to find a row of Ferraris hanging out there, but that's exactly what we saw. There must have been some kind of convention of exotic cars because there was a DeLorean and a Lotus mixed in. I found most impressed with one other car on the other side the parking lot - clearly not part of this "club." It was Yugo. Imagine how many years that car has been driving and how much money the owner's saved.

Some articles that I liked this week:

Golb Guru has had life deal him a huge blow. Here's a virtual "feel better" wish for him.

Money Smart Life writes about how to spend money to save money. I'm a big fan of this thinking and it's using something that I think about before I buy anything.

The Sun's Financial Diary asks who missed the rally in the stock market. I benefited with the rally, but I have to say that it's confused me. I think we could be headed for a recession, and Blueprint for Financial Prosperity got some recession ideas

The Digerati Life says you can save money by buying replicas. I e-mailed this URL to wife... about 5 times :-).

Generation X Finance reminds us that it's Financial Planning Week.

Free Money Finance writes about 529 Plans and expenses. I like the saying of "you pay a tax on ignorance." Very true.

Five Cent Nickel gives tips on dealing with a lost wallet. I have a friend that loses his wallet all the time. One time he knocked it off the counter into the trash. It took us forever to find it that time.

No Credit Needed writes about contributing to a Roth IRA. Roth IRAs make me sad nowadays, because I think I won't be able to contribute to them after this year.

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3 Responses to “Weekend links: Seven Ferraris and a Yugo Edition”

  1. Nathan says:

    I think you mean Lotus and not Lututs.

  2. Lazy Man says:

    My bad, a little typo in there…

  3. I liked the post from The Digerati Life… for some reasons, my wife didn’t like so much ;-)

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