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Weekend Links – Napa Treat Edition

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Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to get a couple of private tastings and tours in Napa. It was due to a connection that I had through a group that I am a part of. We drank bottles of very rare production lines. This reinforced my notion that it's often more about who you know than what you know. It was a tremendous experience that was only dampered by waking up extremely early and the cold-wet weather.

Here are some links that I liked this week:

I had another article published by the Prosper Blog. This one discusses the differences between trading and investing.

The Digerati Life writes about ten free personal finance tools. She'll be needing every last one now that she is quitting her job.

Money Smart Life is focusing on energy saving tips. I plan on writing about that in the next week or two.

Sun found that it is possibly to sue a 401k administrator. I think it only makes sense if you can prove negligence to perform basic tasks of their job (which seems to be the case).

Generation X Finance had a guest writer who wrote how he learned NOT to invest.

Free Money Finance quickly profiles a half million dollar dating website. I've thought of creating a dating web site in the past, but it's a very crowded field with many dominant and well-funded companies.

No Credit Needed is trying to descreaes his taxes with a SEP-IRA. I should look into that this year.

Mighty Bargain Hunter says that nobody likes a winner. I found that out rooting for the Patriots throughout this year. While on the topic of Mighty Bargain Hunter, I'd like to thank him for including me in the most recent festival of frugality.

Million Dollar Journey asks whether a 40 Year mortgage is a good idea. My thought is that it matters what the interest rate is. I'll happy take a 60-year mortgage at 1% for example. You may pay more over the 40 years with that type of mortgage, but if you have the discipline to invest wisely the savings from the money from lower payments it shouldn't matter.

Posted on February 24, 2008.

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