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Weekend Links – Lonely Mickey Mouse Edition

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My wife and I went to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago and spent a little time in Disneyland. One of the most interesting things I saw was a High School Musical 2 stage that was on wheels. It would come rolling through the park 2-3 times a day and put on a 30-45 minute show at the front of the park. A group of teenagers/young adults would jump off the stage and perform songs from High School Musical. It's all very good, and it was a fine show.

As my wife was grooving along to the music, I immediately wondered if we were going to be put on some national list. We're a 30+ couple with no children hanging out at High School Musical show in Disneyland. I kept looking over my shoulder for Chris Hansen. As I was looking over my shoulder, I noticed Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto pacing back and forth looking for child to high-five or take a picture with. I nudged my wife to show her and she wisely surmised, "When was the last time he was in a movie?" It took me awhile to think about it and came up empty. Looking it up later, it seems he hasn't been doing much film work since 1953, mostly focusing on some Christmas specials. I should probably grant the 80-year old mouse a little slack, but I'm starting to think he's lazier than me.

Anyway, here are some personal finance links from The Money Writers this week.

And some more from those outside The Money Writers.

Posted on July 26, 2008.

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One Response to “Weekend Links – Lonely Mickey Mouse Edition”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well I guess you haven’t checked out the Disney Channel! My almost two year old thinks Mickey is a god. She probably would have peed herself if she saw him in person!
    ….And then run in the other direction. She is still pretty little!

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