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Weekend Links: Harry’s Hofbrau Edition

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A couple of weeks ago, a friend turned me onto Harry's Hofbrau a local chain of restaurants. It turns out that in San Francisco "Hofbrau" means more of a carvery. It might somewhat similar to a more upscale version of Boston Market. It's a little like a cafeteria where you just go down the line and construct your meal from all the options in front of you. The food is amazing, but the prices are even more outstanding. Last night, I had sirloin tips in a mushroom sauce on bed of noodles with a roll for $7.14. Energi Gal had a soup, half sandwich, and fruit salad for around $7.00. With taxes we had a great meal for a little over $16. It's not as cheap as eating at home, but it's a great value.

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One Response to “Weekend Links: Harry’s Hofbrau Edition”

  1. RateLadder says:

    Harry’s is wicked pisser good.

    Their drinks are cheap too.

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