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Weekend Links – Getting Kicked and Hit Around Edition

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It was a rough week emotionally for the Lazy Man. I felt that I got hit and kicked around a little bit. So on Friday night, the wife and I went out and did some hitting and kicking. Specifically we went out to Maverick, a restaurant owned by Scott Youkilis - the brother of Red Sox first baseman, Kevin Youkilis. How does this fit in with the hits and kicks? Well, we picked up a bottle of Youk's Hot Sauce autographed by Kevin Youkilis. The chilies provide a kick and some of the proceeds go to help Youk's Hits for Kids.

The restaurant itself was extremely good. I wasn't expecting such a small place, it would be a challenge to fit more than 30-40 people there at any one time. The menu was interesting. I heard it was an upscale restaurant, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the fried chicken on the menu. I had to give it a try. It was quite possibly the best chicken I've ever eaten. On the way out, Scott Youkilis (never letting on who he was), caught our interest in the restaurant and gave us a magazine about the restaurant.

Let's get to the links this week...

Generation X Finance has a list of 20 thought-changing retirement books. I had heard of only two of these books.

The Sun's Financial Diary paid off his car with free money from credit card companies.

As she announced last week, The Digerati Life has left her day job. Now it's time to tie up lose ends.

Money Smart Life writes a cheapskates guide to Las Vegas. It amazes how it can be pretty cheap or expensive to stay there. Many places want you to gamble and food often a hook to get you to that casino.

No Credit Needed is giving up his Sirius Satellite Radio. I had been an XM fan for quite some time, but at some point I found that I didn't use it enough to warrant the cost.

Mighty Bargain Hunter is glad that banks are removing the temptation of HELOCs. I am sadden by the loss of an important safety net if it's used correctly.

Free Money Finance writes about six extreme ways to save. It's a highlight of a TheStreet.com article, but it's a funny list if you read it in order. Three of the items are "Downsize your home. Bringing in boarders. Don't pay for housing." I know that it's not the intended thought, but can you imagine living in a small home with boarders and then not paying for it?

Posted on March 2, 2008.

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