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Weekend Links: Game Seven Edition

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It's game seven time in Boston and I can't imagine the atmosphere. I personally stopped watching the Celtics when legends retired (Bird, Parish, McHale, etc.) and the new stars literally died (Reggie Lewis, Len Bias). The team philosophy for a number of years seemed to be to try to stay .500. This year, I've started watching a little more basketball - about 10 games compared to the 72 I used to watch. Yes, I'm a fair-weather fan, but I think it's reasonable considering the circumstances. So let's dedicate this set of links to the Boston Celtics.

  • At Digerati Life this week, we're given the motto work smarter not harder with increase your salary without increasing your work. An example to this philosophy is to follow the money. Just beware of your cost of living expenses!
  • Are you in financial trouble? Generation X Finance gives ten steps to take when you are in financial trouble from negotiating old loans to asking for a pay raise.
  • Ever wonder what the best cash back credit cards are? At the Sun's Financial Diary find out what percentage you can get and where you can get it.
  • Here is a simple way to save money on food that keeps you from spending you hard earned money at Starbucks. Breakfast! Blip Blap explains that breakfast stops your cravings for midmorning junk. So it's not only smart on your wallet but smart for your health.
  • Summer is here and that means going to theme parks. Money Smart Life provides several stout ideas on how to save money at amusement parks from your food and admission to hotels and souvenirs.
  • Over at Million Dollar Journey this week learn how to hedge against your bills by owning the company. If you own stock you'll get dividends to pay for or pay you more than your monthly bills. Check out the dividends achievers list provided in this post.
  • Do you know what credit card arbitrage is? My Dollar Plan presents 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers providing a list of credit cards that offer this currently and how to make it work for you.
  • Do you know why absolute real estate auctions are big deals? Mighty Bargain Hunter explains simply that they have to sell it at the last price offered which could be as low as a dollar and the auction house would have to sell it. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn't it? Be warned though, you're not liking going to get it for a dollar. Read why.
  • Do you play the balance transfer game? Or want to learn more about it? Over at NoCreditNeeded read the guest post from Five Cent Nickel on credit card companies want your money to read the rewards and risks of the game.
  • We always knew that TV was a time waster, but have you ever really wondered just what you've lost because you watched TV? At Free Money Finance learn how to save money and improve your life just by turning off your TV.
  • I was included in a couple of carnivals as well. Check them out. I also want to thank MSN for highlighting my article on snowforting - even if everyone missed the satire behind the post.

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    2 Responses to “Weekend Links: Game Seven Edition”

    1. guinness416 says:

      Ha, personal finance blogging doesn’t seem to do satire/sarcasm tremendously well (unfortunately, in this reader’s opinion), beyond a couple of other snarky east coasters and canucks. Saccharine family anecdotes and earnestness is definitely the lingua franca. But congrats on making MSN :)

    2. Four Pillars says:

      Thanks for the link back to the frugal festival.

      I hope Guinness416 wasn’t referring to my fine festival with her snide sarcasm comment as it was written with the most noblest of intentions!

      Seriously, I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about the whole snowfortin’ issue you brought up. Ok – I missed the sarcasm…


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