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Weekend Link – Dipping My Toe into the Job Pool Again Edition

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I've started to realize recently that not having money is not fun. As a software engineer in Silicon Valley it's not a surprise for me to say that I make 6 figures. Even though we can live on my wife's income, going from 6 figures a year to the monthly number you see in the top right column under Alternative Income is not good. I love having all the extra time and I'm starting to get some other goals I had accomplished. However, cutting corners with the budget all the time can be as stressful as having a job. I'll be keeping you updated with my progress along the way, but first allow me to link you to some articles from The Money Writers and beyond.

The article that I liked the most this was The Digerati Life's Quitting My Job, Retiring Early: 5 Steps To Lifestyle Change. Does it come as a surprise that after that introduction that I like this article.

Continuing the career theme, Money, Matter, and More Musings has some lessons from his job hunting expedition.

Maybe all us job hunters should submit questions to Free Money Finance. I think he got some good feedback there.

Generation X Finance has a poll asking if anyone sees opportunities in real estate with all the foreclosures. I do see a lot of opportunities to be honest. I'd love to pick up some investment property at prices I've been seeing, but it requires having cash available - and that requires me to get a job first.

Sun, like he usually does, broke the news on about a new global dividend ETF. This one pays a hefty 4.95% divident with a 0.60% expense ratio. It almost seems fit for helping me with my Alternative Income goals.

Money Smart Life asks "What are you teaching your children this Christmas?" I'm ashamed to admit that I was bought up to understand it as a time of receiving presents. I'm smarter than that now though, and that's all that matters to me.

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has a credit bureau wish list. I like the idea of the an easy way to freeze your account. However, this should also be free. Maybe Credit Bureau Santa will bring Jim a gift this Christmas.

Mighty Bargain Hunter says you should invest in yourself by learning things of value. That's what got me started with a website about money. I figure that I share my ideas, I read your ideas, we all win.

Five Cent Nickel has broken his long drought of bad customer service. That business was very smart and made a sale because of it. There's a lesson for any business to be learned here.

No Credit Needed has changed his past habits. Well he did it a long time ago, but now we get to see what worked.

I'd like to thank Cheap Healthy Good for including me in the most recent Festival of Frugality

Last updated on December 2, 2007.

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6 Responses to “Weekend Link – Dipping My Toe into the Job Pool Again Edition”

  1. paidtwice says:

    Good luck finding a job!

    You do get used to not having money. Promise ;)

  2. Mrs. Micah says:

    I’m still getting over not living with my parents and having them cover basic expenses like rent and food and health care. (Being only 22, this is probably normal for people my age.)

    Good luck with the job hunting! :)

  3. You have so many grate links I have to come back again.
    Im putting a link to your blog.

  4. You have so many GREAT links I have to come back again.
    Im putting a link to your blog.


  5. Hey Lazy Man:

    The starving artist/blogger/writer/freelance dance does get old.
    Those six-figure salaries look really good.
    The links provided in this post are a great resource.
    Take Care!

  6. Patrick says:

    Lazy I have a feeling you’ll get something great in no time. The break in service was probably just enough to stimulate you. Good luck in the job search! :)

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