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Using Video Conferencing to Save Time and Money

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Meetings are a large part of business life. They are also one of the most joked about and farced aspects of business life, but that doesn’t stop them from happening, and it shouldn’t. Meeting face-to-face is an integral part in fostering productivity, organization, and teamwork amongst a business’s employees. But meetings aren’t just for within the business. Meeting with clients is just as important, if not more so, because it creates an opportunity to learn what a potential client will be like and what they want out of a business deal. However, meetings take up a lot of time. They often require some form of travel – in some cases just going up a floor or two, while in others, a flight to the other side of the world. They can be very expensive depending on the circumstances. Regardless of the cost, just about all businesses run meetings in some form or another on a regular basis according to their schedules. Thankfully, there is a solution to the problems involved in running meetings, and it comes from the technological development of today’s world. Video conferencing is arguably the best form of communication besides speaking to a person face to face. Video conferencing has been around since the 1960s, but it’s only been within the last decade that it really started to become a viable option for not just big businesses, but small businesses, nonprofits, and private citizens.

Video Conferencing of Every Level

In the past, video conferencing required thousands of dollars in specialized equipment in order to work, and because of Internet speeds in the past, the quality of video and audio was not always what is taken for granted now. But thanks to the constant forward march of technology, video conferencing capabilities are far beyond anything seen in even the recent past. A business has options galore when it comes to picking a video conferencing service. Large involved systems are still available, but they are more specialized than they used to be, and much better quality. According to BizTech Magazine, a company can equip a conference room with video, audio, or web conferencing that can be controlled through a centralized terminal but they can also add in wireless microphones, video projectors in a multitude of sizes, document cameras, interactive computerized whiteboards, high-end sound systems, mobile device integration, and more, depending on what they need or want. But a business doesn’t have to spend all that money to use a video conferencing service. With cloud based services like Blue Jeans available, a smaller business or nonprofit can still benefit from video conferencing without spending big money on a lot of fancy equipment. All that would be required to use a cloud based service is a mobile device or PC with Internet access and a lightweight mobile application. Once that’s complete, anyone in the business can join in meetings from just about anywhere in the world, as long as they have Internet access.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Regardless of which video conferencing option a business picks, the benefits can be seen almost immediately. Say an internal meeting needs to happen among multiple department heads within a business. Normally those department heads would need to leave their work stations to travel to the conference room, which may be on the other side of a large office building. Granted, the travel time within an office building is a small thing overall, but the time need to go back and forth from office to conference room again and again for multiple meetings in a week can really start to add up. Using a video conferencing solution can completely negate the need to travel to a conference room; the parties involved in the meeting can stay in their offices and even continue to work as they discuss issues with each other. According to Social Barrel, video conferencing programs can also allow sharing and editing of documents and files right during the meeting, regardless of whether the meeting is within a single business or between two global corporations half a world apart. Allowing instant editing and sharing of files and negating the need to go to a conference room can provide huge boosts to productivity as workers don’t have to stop and leave their projects to meet. Another advantage to video conferencing is how all levels involved in a project can be involved in a single meeting to discuss what needs doing; contractors, employees, management, and even clients can all discuss a project at once, according to Street Directory. As previously mentioned, travel to meetings can become expensive, especially between businesses that are miles apart. Video conferencing completely removes the need to travel to another company’s headquarters to meet, and therefore cuts potentially huge expenses out of the budget completely. The ease of use provided through video conferencing allows unprecedented collaboration amongst all members involved in a business project. According to Ready Talk, all the effort required to join a meeting is to join whatever channel the meeting is being held on and turning a webcam on, if it’s not already integrated into the device.

Using a video conferencing service like what Blue Jeans offers is guaranteed to save your business time, money, and effort. Video conferencing will increase productivity, communication, collaboration, and help cement business relationships through its ease of use and time saving functionality.

Posted on July 26, 2014.

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