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Using the Benefits of Video Conferencing to Enhance a Business

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Business owners have been looking for years for ways to increase the volume of their business while cutting back on costs. Most business owners worry about the satisfaction of their clients. They want to make sure they have enough information and feedback to draw their customers back for repeat business. The only way this is possible is to create cost effect communication between the client and the business and the business and the vender.

Video conferencing through an entity like Blue Jeans can help enhance communications and avoid possible delays from email or phone conversations. At times emails and phone calls can be unreliable, however if you schedule a video conference you get a true sense of who your clients or venders are.

Video Conferencing Enhances Communications

Video conferencing can help a business in a lot of ways, but more importantly it can enhance business communications.

  • You can share files while speaking to the client
  • Receive feedback right away
  • Meet deadlines quicker

The benefit of being able to share files while speaking to the client is that you can get a sense of displeasure or enjoyment from your product. It’s like being able to speak to them face to face and gauging how impressed they are to meet with or speak to you.

You’re able to send drafts and receive feedback right away. Being able to talk to the person about changes that need to be made to make the product better and sending out a product that both you and your client are happy with.

With video conferencing you’re able to meet deadlines quicker and show your reliability to the client.

Enhancing Collaborations

Video conferencing is not only a good thing for businesses to communicate with clients or with their suppliers, according to Techie News. Video conferencing can be handy in groups that work together also known as collaborations. When you’re working with a team it’s difficult to schedule times to meet to finish a project, but with a video-conference site or program you are able to meet with your team for work at anytime day or night in order to get the job done. You’re able to share ideas and thoughts; you have the ability to assist a co-worker and critique assignments and show your team how the thoughts you have fit into and can benefit the team and the project that you have been tasked to complete.

Documents and photo files are no longer the only things you can share in conference calls. Now the ability to share video files are things that can be shared through video conferencing as well, which can benefit companies such as, advertisement companies, sales companies, investment companies, etc.

The ability to share files enhances collaboration as a visual aid and can therefore increase understanding and create a cohesive project. Allowing collaborators to work remotely can increase productivity and can go a long way in helping to increase productivity on multiple projects.

Saving Money with Technology

With video conferencing you do not need to physically be in the office at all times. You can set up with a green screen or a solid background and be able to create a virtual office to seem more professional then just sitting in your house.

Also with video conferencing you can save money on travel expenses, according to CNBC. This makes things easier not only on you and your co-workers but also your customers and clients. With saving your money on baggage and tickets for traveling, you can now use that money for more important expenses to enhance your business.

The third cost efficient thing about video conferencing is telecommuting. There are two ways this can save your business money. The first way is to have a work force that is comprised of all telecommuters. The second is, you can give your staff the option of telecommuting. This can be useful in the case of illness or bad weather. Being able to work from home gives you the advantage of not falling behind in your work and saving money on your commute, according to Flex Jobs.

Business owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance their productivity, while saving money. Video conferencing is a virtual solution that allows owners to complete both tasks simultaneously, according to INC. By enhancing communication and collaboration, owners can save money from over time and ensure the staff produces quality product. The money saved on travel can be turned into products or extra production materials. All money saved can also become enhanced marketing which may attract a larger customer base.

Posted on May 29, 2014.

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