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Twelve Posts of Review – February 2007

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[In this series, I'm reviewing some of my better posts of 2007. If you started reading this blog in the middle of the year, this is a good time to catch up.]

I started February off with $71 of alternative income.

I asked if I was crazy to own a plasma TV. Many responded that I wasn't.

I started to take The Simple Dollars' 31 Days of Finance Fixes, but ended up stopping it at around day 15. I realized that it was written for a different audience and that my finances were in relatively good shape. Part of that is reading and writing so much about personal finance. You can't help but get good.

Zecco lauched it's IRAs account. However instead of being free as it was previously announced, there would be a $30 maintanence fee. I'm still debating about making the move with some of my older 401k money.

One of my all time favorite articles, cutting the cable TV got me a ton of traffic. I had hopes that Lifehacker would pick it up, but they never did. Still, an amazing 33 people left comments on it.

Another of my favorite articles, 5 Reasons to Throw Away Your 401K was a contrarian look at 401Ks. I still think that if you aren't getting a match, it's worth thinking about a 401K carefully. Sometimes administration fees eat up the tax benefits.

I introduced people to a sister blog, Lazy Man and Health. That blog is experiencing slower growth than Lazy Man and Money, it's further proof that I'm Lazy after all.

I hosted my first Carnival, the Festival of Frugality #62. I might have been a little mean by creating a Herb Washington category, but how else are you supposed to learn about a baseball player who played in 105 games and never hit a ball or fielded a ball.

I looked into credit card arbitrage and found out that it was too much work.

It's hard to believe that I used up all the good ideas I ever had in one month, but another of my favorite articles, Top 5 Ways Companies Use Psychology To Trick You made the first page of Reddit for a brief time. It's the first and only time I've been able to say that.

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Year End Review

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  1. Tom says:

    Great idea to wrap up the best of 2007 in 12 posts.

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