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‘Twas The Day Before New Year’s (2013)

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I have a friend who sends out an rhyming poem at Christmas recapping the year's events of the entire circle of friends. I think he's been doing it for 7-10 years now and it's something that my friends and I look forward to. It's going to take me a few years of practice before I can do it as well as him, but here's a first attempt.

'Twas the day before new years and all through the land,
People looked back at what made the year grand.

While the people reflected,
Lazy Man's blog looked neglected.

He's got a boy who is due to be born soon,
Who knows it might be before noon.

Most likely the bun needs a little more time to bake,
So much for getting a 2013 tax break.

The year saw a new music mentality,
The biggest shift to frugality.

Macklemore's Thrift Shop sure did entertain,
While Lorde counted her dollars on the train.

We got a new Affordable Care Act,
despite what the website lacked.

Edward Snowden created quite a fuss,
Showing that the NSA spys on all of us.

Many more things occurred
that the lines got blurred

Like 2013, this poem has to come to an end,
Best of wishes for '14, my Internet friend.

Posted on December 31, 2013.

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One Response to “‘Twas The Day Before New Year’s (2013)”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Love the poem! Gave me a good laugh. Always good to see a bit of creativity when blog posting. Hope you had a great new year! :)

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