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There Is No Today

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Last week, I woke up and I had a most unusual "first thought." There was no "today."

I thought this because I sometimes play Devil's Advocate with myself. I try to see if I can convince myself of the opposite thought. The opposite of "today" is "no today", right?

Now obviously the day existed and I lived it just like any day. (That is unless I died half way through and you reading this as a scheduled post, but let's move away from such morbit thinking.)

By there being "no today", I'm referencing the famous "There is No Spoon" scene from The Matrix:

Applying that thought, I came to an interesting realization:

Do not try to change today. That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth. There is no today.

By this time, I'm sure half of you are wondering who my drug supplier is... (and if you aren't, you probably should be). However, I prefer to think of today as "last year's next year." That is to say that the current day is in large part dictated by the decisions that I made last year... or the year before that... etc. The wife, car, kids, house, dog... everything about today is from choices I made previously.

By the same token, the day I'll live a year from now will be reflective of the choices that I make today. There's a lot of hype of YOLO (You Only Life Once) and people using that to make rash and sometimes not the best decisions. What if you instead thought of today as a foundation for living a better tomorrow?

Paraphrasing the wise kid in video, "Then you'll see there is no today, it is yourself that bends."

Last updated on July 18, 2014.

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