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Three Exciting New Games to Look Forward To This Autumn

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Halloween is just around the corner, with all the costumes, candy, and partying coming up. What better way to get yourself into the mood for some scary, sweet fun than a game built in the traditional Halloween spirit - filled with monsters? If you happen to read this in November, keep reading - the games below don't just work for the holiday. They are fun to play whenever you need some Royal Vegas Casino online gaming.

Lost Vegas

Zombie-themed games are very popular today, as they have been for years. This year's newest zombie-themed video game is a slot machine called Lost Vegas, with a descriptive title, and tons of fun and wins for its players. Released by the Royal Vegas Casino just weeks ago, Lost Vegas takes its players on a trip into the zombie-ridden Sin City. Players can choose which side they want to join in the game - they can either join a rag-tag team of Survivors trying to find their way out of the city, or join the blood-thirsty Zombie hordes, seeking to satisfy their hunger.

The difference between the two sides is not that important (aside from the look and feel of the game) until the game's Free Spins are triggered. When it happens, players have to choose sides once again, but this time for benefits. Either choice comes with a special bonus, paid out at the end of the Free Spins.


Dragonz will take its players on a visit into a fantasy world inhabited by dragons. Or better said "dragonz". Four of them, to be exact - Flint, Switch, Frost, and Gobble. Each of the four Dragonz living large on the reels of this upcoming Royal Vegas slot machine will come with some nice wins and even more benefits during the game's Free Spins. Dragonz will be beautifully crafted, funny, and filled with tons of wins.

Tarzan, Jurassic World

The Royal Vegas Casino will see the above two slot machines released in the coming months. Jurassic World will be a sequel to Jurassic Park, the casino's hit slot machine released in the summer of 2014. The game was amazing, and the sequel - announced to be in the works this February - will most likely be at least as good as the previous one. Judging by the casino's previous game releases, the game might be launched before the end of the year.

The Tarzan slot is in a similar situation. Although the licensing deal regarding the game was announced much later (in July), there is hope for it to be launched before the end of winter. "Having seen the game in prototype, I can honestly say the online slot will not disappoint Tarzan fans;", Roger Raatgever told the press this summer. "Operators and their players can look forward to the game’s release this winter."

Posted on November 10, 2016.

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