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Thoughts on Airline Ticket Pricing

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For those thinking that I fell off a cliff and stopped posting, I would like like to direct you to a nearly 1000 word guest post on The Digerati Life about airline baggage fees. If Spirit Airlines new carry-on fee is your bag, lug yourself to The Digerati Life (ridiculously bad puns intended).

[P.S. I did mean to work in the concept that one could perhaps save more money by just buying new clothes at Wal-Mart and donating them at the end of your trip. (I owe credit to a commenter on Lifehacker.com for that one.)]

Posted on April 8, 2010.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts on Airline Ticket Pricing”

  1. Lazy Man was kind enough to give away his post to me, as he is always wont to do for someone who needs a hand. His post offers a great analysis of these extra charges you’ll find at airlines these days, that are trying out new ways to test out price elasticity of the airline marketplace.

    Thank you to Lazy Man for such a wonderful piece!!

  2. Jon says:

    I’ve gone to thrift stores before to get clothing while on vacation, when my luggage was lost. Cheaper even than Walmart.

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