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This is How You Live the High Life

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Yesterday, I heard some disturbing news. Windell Middlebrooks had died at the age of 36. Most people hadn't heard of the name (I hadn't either), but many are familiar with some of his work.

He was the actor in a few of my favorite commercials. He did other acting, but you'll probably know him for these.

"$11.50 for a hamburger?!?! Step aside mon ami.... $11.50 for a hamburger, you all must be crazy!"

And there's this one:

"Closest to the track, but farthest from reality..."

My favorite of the commercials is this one:

"Up here in section, 'La-ti-da'" gets me every time. It is one of my (and my wife's) pet peeves when we see people at sporting event not following the sporting event. The worst is when a television network will put its stars in the stands, so that they have excuse to bring up another of their shows.

This space is not typically one that highlights beer commercials. However, let's take a minute and recognize that these commercials do an excellent job of speaking to the average blue collar worker.

I love the focus on the frugality of "an honest beer at an honest price." (I can overlook the fact that you wouldn't likely find Miller High Life in a fancy French bistro or on ice at the Kentucky Derby.)

My only regret here is that I didn't highlight the commercials before Middlebrooks died. I know I should separate the man from the character, but let's pour out a little High Life for him.

Posted on March 12, 2015.

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