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Things I Like: Progressive International’s Lettuce Keeper

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Lettuce Keeper

Progressive International's Lettuce Keeper

Earlier this summer, when I was visiting my mother, she asked for my opinion on a particular product. Today, I don't remember what that product was, but that's not important. My mother said that generally I give good advice on what products to buy and that perhaps I should work that into my blog. I've never been on to argue with The Beatles, so let's take a lesson from Your Mother Should Know. I introduce you to the series, "Things I Like." My mom is probably thinking, "That's my boy, 5 months late." (Side Note: I'm borrowing the series name from one of my friends - still waiting for him to develop that business idea.)

Today's thing that I like is this Lettuce Keeper from Progressive International. I saw the high reviews on Amazon and decided, "for under $15 I can give that a shot." I've had it since this summer and after about a dozen uses, I see that it earned those high reviews. For me the name is a bit of misnomer. I don't use it for lettuce. I use it for spinach. (If I'm going to eat a salad, I might as well get as many nutrients as possible. I'm not wasting my time on iceberg.) When it comes to this thing though a leaf is a leaf. I'd typically find my spinach lasts about 4 days after opening it. With this I've eaten fresh crisp spinach 2 weeks later. The Lettuce Keeper can be used for other things besides leafy vegetables, but I've never used it for anything but spinach. Maybe some day, I'll try it on it's other listed uses. If I do, I would consider it a bonus.

Besides doing its job extremely well, I've got one more Pro and one more Con:
Pro: It doesn't require any replacement part or anything else for me to buy. There are some bags out there that keep produce fresh, but you have to keep buying them. This is a one-time purchase. Put a little water in the base and it is ready to go.
Con: It does take up more space in the fridge. While a bag is flexible, this solid plastic walls of the container are unforgiving.

Bottom Line: There's a reason why the series is called Things I Like. However, I think it's safe to say that this is something that my wife likes too - it's knocked out one of the last excuses I had to not eat salad.

Finally, it occurred to me that it's quite possible for a blogger to read a product description and a few Amazon reviews and then write up their own that's bits and pieces from what's publicly available. It's an entirely different thing to be able to prove that I spent my money on this product and that I have it. So here's a picture of the Lettuce Keeper with my Finovate Startup badge.

Lazy Man's Lettuce Keeper

Lazy Man's Lettuce Keeper

Posted on December 2, 2011.

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3 Responses to “Things I Like: Progressive International’s Lettuce Keeper”

  1. LaTisha says:

    If this thing really works, I would use it for romaine lettuce. I often buy the three stalk packages of romaine because I really want a salad but I don’t like the premade bags. (There’s always one vegetable in there that I hate.) But I find myself wasting the rest because I didn’t get a chance to eat it before it goes bad. Thanks for the recommendation.

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