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They Are All Out To Get Me…

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If it sounds like I'm paranoid, read on...

USA Today has an article about security checks getting a little too personal. I don't know about you, but if someone asks me questions that they shouldn't know the answers to, I'm not going to give them. I know it's fairly unlikely, but they could be using these checks to build up a collection of information. Today it might be my father-in-laws age, tomorrow maybe it's my favorite TV show.

This month CNBC is running a special about many of the privacy issues today, Big Brother, Big Business. If you have two hours and you get a chance, it's worth watching. The most surprising segment for me was where incorrect information on a background check cost Julia Hernandez, a single mother, her job. Without even thinking of these issues, I blogged about protecting your privacy on the web. Just today, Endless
appears to be dealing with the pain of identity theft. One way this could have been prevented is with the LifeLock service

With the elections fresh in my mind, it's hard to not think that we need to have people step up at a higher level to protect our information. We need some sort of legislation that allows individuals to control their own information and how it is used. Getting an annual free credit report is a great start, but it's the tip of the iceberg.

I realize that with this site, I'm putting even more information out there that I can never get back. My only real defense is that it would be fairly difficult to tie it to a name or a social security number. And even if it were easy, would anyone really care to know? So what do you think - are they all out to get you?

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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One Response to “They Are All Out To Get Me…”

  1. dave says:

    “So what do you think – are they all out to get you?”

    Yes, “they” are. Data mining can be very lucrative. “Good” lists can really be valuable to the people who want to see stuff to you. Gubmint is more insidious but most Merkins don’t care. Their rationale is, “Well I have nothing to hide.”

    That’s not the bloody point. Morons.

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