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The Cheaper Side of Hawaii

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I have always read and heard about the how expensive Hawaii is. My fiancee turned to me yesterday and said, "I just don't see how it's expensive." I responded, "Leave your military ID and you'll find out." It has really helped make this trip cheap numerous times. For instance, room service is a $1 delivery charge from the local restaurant. We haven't that deal yet, but hope to soon.

Last night we went to Magoo's pizzeria/sports bar. It was your typical college hangout. A local tipped us off to their great pizza (it is really good) and their beer prices couldn't be beat. A pitcher of Sam Adams was $5. However, with 70+ beers on tap, you could get as high as $11 a pitcher for some specialty microbrews. We stuck with a local brew, Keoki Mango, which, despite volating the Man Law that fruit should not be in beer, was quite good.

Last updated on December 14, 2006.

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3 Responses to “The Cheaper Side of Hawaii”

  1. Harm says:

    Have what you want….”man laws” are for insecure
    wimps, LoL….

  2. hawaii lover says:

    Personally, I have been going to hawaii every year since my family bought a time share on maui. I love it. i dont understand how people cant just go once. Io fell in love with it!

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