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The Best Money Blog You Aren’t Reading

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I'm even Lazier than usual today. Rather than write some article that blows, I'm going to introduce you to a site that I know you'll love: The Smart Passive Income Blog. Why will you love it? Because it's what I wanted Lazy Man and Money to be when I started it. Somewhere along the line, I got lost and never got there.

Pat Flynn (who doesn't know I'm writing this) writes about how he makes passive income. Each month, he gives the details on how much he made (just as I do). He also breaks down the sources of his income (something I don't do). The majority of his passive income comes from an eBook he sells at In The Leed.com. I don't know what the LEED is, but that's really not the point. He's created a product and does well with it.

Smart Passive Income has become daily reading for me. Each article is, well, smart. There are a lot of sites that give out general information - stuff like "Save Money, Spend Less than You Earn, etc..." Smart Passive Income isn't one of those sites. It's got specific, actionable information. You read about Pat's experiment making money with eHow. You read about the process of how he started his own company. He's got a great site design and does something that I haven't been willing to do - put his name and face out there.

I could continue gushing over his site, but I should mention that it's not perfect. I noticed a couple of months ago Pat put up a picture of himself in an LaDainian Tomlinson shirt. When you bleed Patriot Nation blood as I do, that's simply inexcusable ;-).

Last updated on August 1, 2011.

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23 Responses to “The Best Money Blog You Aren’t Reading”

  1. Craig says:

    Thanks for the find, I will be checking him out since I am trying to start a new blog and hopefully can work it to the point where I can get some passive income out of it. I will make sure to mention I found him from you.

  2. Sam says:

    Actually I am already reading that one! Maybe you should change it to my blog, since no1 is reading that one :).

  3. Ken says:

    I’m going to go visit that site. I’m a new blogger and need all the help I can get. Much thanks!

  4. Lazy, I didn’t even checked Passive Income blog and I will and I am sure it is a great blog since you endorsed it.

    BUT, Lazy, your blog has its own personality. I read just to see what’s up with you.. SO, DON”T PUT DOWN your blog!!! LOL

  5. bluntmoney says:

    Oh I love that blog! (Especially exactly what you point out — the specific, actionable information.)

  6. ckstevenson says:

    Checked out the site, didn’t really get anything from it so far. It’s probably a good resource if one is trying to earn a living doing a blot, maybe a freelance type job. But for the normal 9-5 type person, I’m not seeing it. Sure, it’d be great if I could start a blog that makes me AdSense revenue, but that’s not the set of skills most people have, the interest they have, etc.

  7. Frugal Dad says:

    Funny, I found Pat’s site a couple weeks ago and have been hooked. I can’t believe the money he’s making each month from LEED! Makes me want to go out there and write a killer ebook system and market the heck out of it!

  8. asithi says:

    Gosh, now I wish I though of writing a LEED ebook when they were developing it a few years ago. It is just like anything that has to do with engineering, all these books and manuals cost a fortune. I spent almost a $1000 just buying reference materials for the professional engineering exam a few years ago.

  9. Science2682 says:

    Very useful information. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  10. JearneSornpef says:

    Hi, cool site, good writing ;)

  11. KushMoney says:

    I will go check his blog out. Seems pretty good from first look.

  12. I just discovered two new great sites (well, new to me at least): The Smart Passive Income Blog, and Lazy Man And Money!
    Thanks for that!

  13. Pats blog has been a huge inspiration for getting my own WP sites up and going!

  14. LM,

    Pat Flynn is a rock star. I read something of his at least once a day. The guy is a machine.

    He gave you props today on his FB page. I’m adding you to my RSS.


  15. Peter says:

    After I found Pat’s site I have been back almost every day, it’s a great site for anybody with a desire to make money online…

  16. Yes i love both of these sites you mention! Very different in content but lots of gems that have inspired my own quest for passive income. The leeds link didnt work for me however, any suggestions?


  17. Actually I am following Pat on his blog. It’s amazing how high his income has gone through his e-book and iphone apps. It’s also inspiring to see the rapid growth.

  18. Peoney says:

    Hi I like your website and I like your name too. And I like your hero Pat. He is one of the lucky ones i should say. Good luck to you and your hero.

  19. Sarah says:

    I love Pat’s blog and have been following it for some time now. He’s been doing inspirational stuff and is also a great writer – great combo!

  20. shibli says:

    thanks for recommending us the smart passive income blog. i have become a regular reader of SPI as well. thanks

  21. Austin says:

    Great post! I’m an avid fan of Pat, and I happened to stumble across this while reading over older posts on his blog.

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