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The $25,000 Meal

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$25,000 JackpotAfter reading about Get Rich Slowly's post about how sometimes it's okay to splurge, I came across this $25,000 meal.

"Wine lovers regularly organize exorbitantly expensive tastings in New York, London and Japan but such events are not as common in Thailand, where it would take the average schoolteacher five years to earn $25,000.

'That is a waste of money,' said Rungrat Ketpinyo, 44, who sells Phad Thai noodles for 75 cents a plate from a street cart outside the hotel. 'I don't care how luxurious this meal is. It's ridiculous.'"

Just to put things in perspective for us Americans, think of what a schoolteacher earns in 5 years here.  If a teacher earns $40,000, that's about a $200,000 meal here.  I put this in the dumb purchases category, but if I happened to come into 10-20M tomorrow, I might be tempted to give it a try.

Posted on February 12, 2007.

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One Response to “The $25,000 Meal”

  1. 10-20 Million and I am all over this. At least once. I would rather do this with wealth than own a 145ft hole in the water where you throw money (I mean yacht).

    BTW — Lazy you and I are getting some props from Prosper: https://www.prosper.com/public/about/media_blogs.aspx

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