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Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Like your typical Thanksgiving leftovers, this post is a bit of a mix of many small items. I wish I could make it as great as real Thanksgiving leftovers, but that's a goal too lofty.

Music Deal of the Century

Let's start with dessert first. What if you could build an entire music collection of hundreds of albums for free? Well Microsoft is giving you that. There are no strings attached with the exception of having Windows 8 or a Windows Phone. The deal is 50 free albums. It includes some top albums like Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and U2's Joshua Tree.

While it requires spending a little money, but Microsoft also has entire box sets for $1.99. You can dozens of songs by the Doors (almost everything they recorded in a studio) for a one-time $1.99. The music comes in basic MP3, so take them everywhere, even your iDevices. For less than $10, you could build yourself a very good collection of music... saving you from having to rent music from services like Spotify.

This deal comes from Liliputing which is a website about portable computers that I'm loving lately.

Get this Ebay Gift Card

It's not a huge savings, but you can get a $50 Ebay Gift Card for $45. If you are like me you'll find a way to use $50 on Ebay in the next month. Why not save yourself $5? Or buy a few and save more.

Giving Thanks

I don't know about you, but my RSS reader was clogged with thousands of bloggers writing about what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving. I question if readers really care to about it. I imagine some readers are having difficult times and reading about blogger's success might not come off well. And if that blogger wrote about difficulties themselves... well who wants to read Debbie Downer?

For that reason, I've decided to skip sharing what I'm thankful for, but you people know it's you, right?

Anyone Know of any Discounted Deals?

Is it just me or is there a deal on everything nowadays? It seems like every company and organization needs to have a Black Friday special. They start early and continue through Cyber Monday. It seems like most deals are A) saving $20 when you spend $150 on something that I don't need or B) deals when you have to trample 7,000 people to get to. Neither one are very interesting to me.

Perhaps worse, it seems like everything I read is pushing these deals.

The reason the Ebay deal above is interesting to me is that I know I'm going to use it anyway. There's no fighting with people as the deal is quickly delivered and instantly ready to use via email. The Microsoft music deal is similar... just a lot of value without much spending or work.

Posted on November 29, 2014.

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