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As you probably know, we get a lot of companies competing for our advertising inventory... easily more than 50 a year. Typically companies ask us to do a trial of their ad network.

They rarely performed as well as what we had before.

We lost time learning about the new network, the new people, signing up for it, and implementing the code. That was a lot of time of energy just to lose revenue doing these disappointing trials.

Every network claims that I won't be disappointed. Of course, your network is the exception.

However, just in case it isn't the exception, we've instituted a policy that protects us against these losses.

Advertisers must guarantee a minimum CPM and prepay a deposit for the trial period

For our traffic levels and projected CPM (available upon request), that's usually around $200 for a 2-week trial. If your network is competitive with what we have in place, you'd be paying this during the trial anyway.

This policy gives us insurance that we won't lose money in trying your network. Your advertising network should want to guarantee this, because a sales pitch of, "Try us, but you may lose money" isn't very good.

Advertisers typically say that they need the trial to understand the quality of the traffic. I have three responses to that:

  1. My existing advertisers know the quality of the traffic.
  2. New potential advertisers can view the site and use SEO tools and such to estimate the quality of traffic.
  3. You contacted me about how you can increase my profits with your network. This tells me that you already understand the quality of the traffic.

As you might imagine from personal finance website, the traffic is highly targeted to one of the more expensive advertising niches which commands a premium CPM.

If these terms are not suitable, we can look into a one-time implementation fee (which will be more than $100) to cover our costs in running a trial.

Posted on May 30, 2016.

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