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Ten Things I Think I Think (and Some Links)

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With apologies to Peter King, I'm going to borrow his shtick for this round-up.

  1. I think watching fewer than ten seconds of Usain Bolt was every bit as amazing as anything that I've seen in the Olympics thus far. That includes two of Phelps medals by the narrowest of margins. To see him slow up after 80% of his race, pump his chest, and still set a world record is amazing - no fancy swimsuit needed.
  2. I think that I want to recognize Michael Phelps as the best swimmer ever. Some say he's the best athlete ever, but I have a hard time bestowing that title on someone that only swims. It's comparing apples to transmissions, but a lot of Olympic athletes' sports don't lend themselves to achieving multiple medals. Walsh/May seem to dominate the sand as much as Mr. Phelps does the water.
  3. I think that I'm going to have fun taking care of my friend's two dogs this week. I bet they are going to enjoy their new home and run around for at least the first three hours - until they realize that it's nothing very special.
  4. I think that Chad Jackson has to show he's turned a corner later today. And if the Patriots are going to represent the AFC again, the offensive line has to step up as well.
  5. I think I'd like to thank my wife for being a designated driver yesterday as we showed my friend the vineyards of Napa...
  6. ... I think I'll be biting my tongue when I try to compare how much wine she bought to an equivalent amount of money spent on Two Buck Chuck
  7. I think that my friend visiting us had one of the most aggravating 24-hours of travel I can think of. He's on a 2.5 day trip from NYC and had his flight out here delayed 8 hours. The next day, we pick up my car at the shop, only to find they didn't leave enough gas to get more than three blocks. After walking a mile to get gas and figure out the gas can mechanism (no easy feat), my car wouldn't start without getting the battery jumped. He was good-natured about the whole experience, much more good-natured than I would have been.
  8. I think that if anyone comes within 50 yards of our home, they are going to have a cantaloupe tossed in their car. We had to bring a dish to an event on Friday and grossly overestimated how much one space one cantaloupe takes when cut up. I'm not sure what we'll do with another four.
  9. I think if you read about a gorilla escape in San Francisco, you shouldn't worry. I'm going to try to get a hair cut on Tuesday.
  10. I think that I've done an horrible job announcing Frugal Dad as the newest edition to The Money Writers team. I'll have to try to make it up to him next week.

Here are some links from The Money Writers:

And here some links from outside of the The Money Writers world.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all four of these carnivals for including me this week.

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9 Responses to “Ten Things I Think I Think (and Some Links)”

  1. rachel says:

    If you have a food dryer, you might try drying peeled canteloupe slices. It takes a while, but it comes out like candy.

  2. guinness416 says:

    Dog-sitting is the best thing ever. All the happiness and stress release of hanging out with the world’s greatest animal, and no responsibility for more than two days.

    (PS your notification of further comments hasn’t worked for me for a while … no issues with any other blogs that I’ve noticed)

  3. Sean says:

    Agreed. Usain Bolt in the 100m was one of the most exciting runs since Michael Johnson in the 200 & 400. Looking forward to the 200m finals on Wednesday.

  4. Mary Sue says:

    I caught the 100m completely by accident, and I rewound it on the TiVo seven times to watch. I think that’s one of the most amazing things I have seen in my entire life.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As a Brit, I always dread the Olympics. We never seem to have any natural athletes like the amazing Usain, and we may only ever get one or two swimming medals per tournament (and that’s if we are really lucky). We do seem to fair well on the less mainstream sports such as rowing, sailing,and cycling but really struggle at athletics.

    Anyhow hats off to Michael Phelps, he truly is the best swimmer ever.

  6. guinness416 says:

    As a Brit? How do you think us Paddies feel, you’re third on the medals list and we’ll probably leave without any!

  7. Start-Up says:

    I’m actually pretty unimpressed with Bolt in his 100, and this is coming from a track and field athlete in college. Rather than setting a world record that could really stand the test of time, you need to beat your chest like an idiot? I’m tired of all these jocks who think they’re world beaters. They should try breaking world records and not acting like idiots, like Phelps.

    Also, are you really more worried about Chad Jackson and the offensive line for the Pats over the age of the defense? I know you have a defensive genius for a head coach, but that defense is getting old and was starting to get taken advantage of last year.

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