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Ten Things I Think I Think (and Personal Finance Links)

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  1. Steve Jobs - I think he was one the greatest at building a brand of my time. I love that he brought a lot of usability to technology. He will be missed. That said, I wonder if people's religious fanaticism has magnified his accomplishments - or maybe it's me being in the Bay Area.
  2. Cupertino Shooting - I think for a few hours last week, I was afraid to leave my house. For about 24 hours a gunman who had killed several people was on the loose
  3. Al Davis - I think that Al Davis' death is getting overlooked by Steve Jobs'. Davis was involved in combining the AFL and NFL to create the game of football that many love today. Last week, before the Raiders-Patriots game he informed the Patriots General Manager, Robert Kraft, that they'd have a moment of silence before the game for his wife's death earlier this year. Seven days later the NFL will return the favor 13 times - at the start of each of their games.
  4. Death in 3s - I think I have to ask the question. People say that deaths come in threes. Does this mean that I'm pretty safe living in the Bay Area? How long do I enjoy this invincibility.
  5. Bank of America Paperless - Anyone else tired of Bank of America nagging them to go paperless every time they sign in? It's been more than three years and each time I'm only presented with the option of Go Paperless and Remind Me Next Time. Enough Bank of America!
  6. Michael J. Fox - I think that he looks better than I expected. I cought him on the NFL Sunday Countdown and he is downright impressive.
  7. The Death of Quikster - I think I'm happy that I didn't get too attached to Qwikster. Netflix seems to have wisely changed their mind on that one.
  8. Columbus Day - I think that the next generation might not celebrate Christopher Columbus Day. Seems like each year it means less and less. I used to remember it being a day off of work in the private sector, but that is pretty rare now.
  9. Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee Trick - This is a left over from earlier this summer. I was waiting in line with my wife to get coffee (I don't drink it), and the guy in behind me was explaining this little trick to his friend to get the most for your money at Dunkin Donuts. Buy a large ice coffee (32 ounces) with no ice and a separate cup of ice (DD will charge you a dollar for the second cup). Pour half of the 32 ounce into the glass of ice and scoup some ice into the 32 ounce cup. The result is about the equivalent of two medium ice coffees for a touch more than a large. It's perfect for when you are sharing with a friend.
  10. Carnivals - I think I would like to thank the Best of Money Carnival for including my article on Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme.

Posted on October 10, 2011.

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7 Responses to “Ten Things I Think I Think (and Personal Finance Links)”

  1. 3. RIP but Al Davis should have retired ten years ago. For the last 17 years, the Raiders have been in the same joke-franchise class as the Bengals.

    5. Why are you still banking with BOA. They don’t want your business which is why they are annoying you and now fee’ing you to death. I dumped them (3 accounts and 2 mortgages) in 2010. Oh – I almost forgot – you are Lazy.

    6. Columbus Day is no longer PC. Liberals like to use this analogy: Imagine someone you didn’t know came to your house, introduced themselves, then told you to leave.

  2. Mike Piper says:

    I’m a big fan of Bank of America — seriously, not being sarcastic. But I do wish they’d stop trying to sell me the credit card I’ve already had with them for 2 years.

  3. Lazy Man says:

    Yeah, Al Davis kicked the franchise for a long time. I’m surprised they are as competitive as they are today given the bumbled draft picks.

    I have a lot of payments tied to my BOA account. However, I don’t pay any fees to BOA so my motivation to move has been zero. If I paid fees, I’d be much more motivated to go to USAA for all my banking needs. All my new accounts go through them.

    That’s where I was going with the Columbus Day thing. I’m 35 and when I was growing up good ‘ole Chris was still recognized as a hero. I don’t know how it’s being taught in schools nowadays, but the tide has turned quite a bit. That’s why I predict the next generation will say, “Why are we celebrating this again?”

  4. When I go to Starbucks in the summer, I order the cheapest coffee for about a buck seventy five and a large cup of ice for free and pour the coffee over the ice! I usually have some coffee left to take home too!

  5. Todd says:

    1. Glad to see that I’m not the only one to equate the Steve Jobs love fest with some kind of fanaticism. He was a stud, and was responsible for much of the technology that we enjoy today. That’s where it ends, in my mind.

    2. Nothing to fear but fear itself… I’d have stayed home too, with the Kimber close at hand. :)

    3. Al Davis will be miss. I was never a fan of the Raiders (it’s a Seahawk thing), but he knew the game of football, and will be missed.

    4. There is no “death in 3’s”. People die everyday – no point in worrying about it.

    5. Don’t bank with DoA… er, BoA.

    6. Didn’t see MJF, but he is amazing, IMO.

    7. I agree

    8. It’s sad. As a society, we are losing our traditions.

    9. Don’t like DD coffee, but that’s an awesome trick.

    10. Very cool. Gonna go read it right now.

  6. 1. I don’t own any Mac stuff but I am also saddened by his demise. His contribution to the technology obviously brought computing and telecommunication to a different level.

    4. I have been hearing this belief since I was young. After giving it some thought, there are cases it does happen.

    5. Forget about BofA! I already did.

    6. I have not seen him yet., but I do remember how I drool over him during his Back to the Future days.

    9. I will give it a try next time. Thanks for the idea!

    10. Congratulations!

    Thank you for the list of posts. I will go over them this weekend.

  7. Rick Evans says:

    “Anyone else tired of Bank of America nagging them to go paperless every time they sign in? ”

    I Googled “go paperless nagging” and stumbled upon this. I don’t deal with BA but do find Discover Card’s incessant nagging for me to go paperless annoying. Same for Verizon and National Grid my electric supplier.

    My late dad was postal carrier in Brooklyn. It’s corny but the small amount I spend on postage each year honors his memory and contributes to one of the few jobs offering a high school grad a decent living.

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