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Ten Things I think I think… (and personal finance links)

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It was an eventful week here are some of the top highlights:

  1. Harry Potter seemed "familiar" - I caught the final Harry Potter movie yesterday. I liked it. I came away thinking that had some Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Prophecy Girl at the end. There was also a little of Buffy/Angel crossover, In the Dark at the end.
  2. Got my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card this weekend - In three months if I put on $3000 of charges I'll get $500 in cash or $625 in airline tickets. Putting my new phone on it, was a pretty good start. Next month we have a trip and putting the hotel on it should get me closer to points necessary. It's all money that I would have been spending anyway.
  3. I'm 35 and I'm extraordinary old. - I heard Dexy's Midnight Runners on the "Oldies" channel last week. Please send donations to the Buy Lazy Man a Cane Fund via Paypal - [email protected]
  4. Finally played with the HP Touchpad - I'm biased, but I think it is equal to the iPad - better is some places and worse in others.
  5. Carl's Jr. Turns Healthy - I've lived out in San Francisco for nearly 5 years now and I hadn't been to Carl's Jr. since the move... until last week. I needed a quick meal, and I remember reading about their turkey, guacamole burgers - 490 calories. It was extremely good - Subway has some serious competition in the health fast-food arena. All things considered it's good value for a dinner.
  6. New Sponsor - Merchant Warehouse - I'd like to thank Merchant Warehouse for their recent banner advertisement. I'll be putting a portion of that money in the buy an HP Touchpad fund.
  7. Paramore to Save the Day - Before I get to my big music find (see the last item on the list), I should note that Paramore's new song, Monster, has single-handedly revived radio for me. Finally there's a break in the Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga stranglehold on the radio (at least in my area in Silicon Valley). It's no Brick By Boring Brick, but Ms. Williams recognizable voice soothes all... my wife even recognized her voice about 30 seconds into the song and she's not a fan.
  8. USA Didn't Win The Cup... but... - I think we should take a step back and recognize the entertainment they brought us. Personally, I'm disappointed in myself for not taking full advantage of not catching the most of the game. I hope you can give me credit for watching the penalty kicks. That "credit" might be in the form of a jinx. Before you go there, I like to remind you that I'm from Boston and root for Boston sports. A dozen years ago your view of Boston Sports might be closer to "poor" them. Right? Send me an email!
  9. Red Sox - Devil Rays Game - I think I'm glad I didn't go over to a friend's house an hour away to watch the Red Sox - Devil Rays game on Sunday night. There was no scoring and only 6 total hits for both teams for the first 15 full innings. I'm not a fan of pitching duels, so it was a very boring game. If you lived on the east coast you could have watched two Tampa games against different teams on the same day. (Oh and I know they aren't called the Devil Rays anymore, but I'm old school.)
  10. My new favorite channel is Palladia. - If you aren't familiar with it, it's related to MTV and VH1 (and I believe it is run by Viacom owner of each of those channels). The big difference is that instead of being focused on reality television it is focused on music... and it - mostly concerts of bands I like. On Comcast I, no my wife found it on the HD channels in the high numbers... 783 for me.

    A couple of weeks ago, they had a Weezer concert in Japan. It was great to watch the band members be ordinary people in a music store. Then again it's not like Weezer is recognizable. I'm a fan and they could live on my street for all I knew... and they are one of my favorite artists. What I liked best about it, was that they focused on the early Weezer stuff... lots from the blue album and Pinkerton (perhaps one of the most underrated albums of the decade.)

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2 Responses to “Ten Things I think I think… (and personal finance links)”

  1. You American League fans and your need for explosive offense …

    I love a good pitcher’s duel myself … but don’t see them often, since I’m a Rockies fan.

  2. Jon says:

    I wish I could have stayed up to watch the end of that game. I’m from the South Shore of Mass but living in Chicago. I really like the blog. You might remember I gave you the Twitter shout out regarding the Wise Bread personal finance rankings. Go Sox.


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