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Ten Things I Think (and Personal Finance Links)

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  1. Going to a Personal Finance Blogger's wedding - Yesterday, my wife and I went to Cap from Stop Buying Crap's wedding. He's not blogging much anymore, but he is still one of the most trusted experts in knowing everything about how to make your web business successful.
  2. That "AppSumo" Guy - I bumped into Noah Kagen at the wedding. Nowadays he's known as the guy behind AppSumo, a kind of Groupon for tools to those of us who create digital products. I had met Noah almost 5 years earlier when he demo'd a financial product to me for a company that he was working for called MyMint. The website wasn't available to the public and the office was little more than a bunch of boxes, but the company, rebranded as Mint, would later be sold to Intuit for over $100 million dollars. It was a little unusual running across him again like that.
  3. A Few Words About Laguna Beach - That wedding brought us down to Laguna Beach for the weekend. My wife got us a good deal on a hotel room on the beach - offseason is a good thing. The community is very much geared to the Paris Hilton crowd. Went for a walk and went by three salons, a jewelry store, a dog boutique, a candle store, 3 art galleries, and a Hello Kitty store. I think Laguna Beach has some kind anti-testosterone city ordinance.
  4. It is All About the 647 - If there's anyone into numerology, please chime in with your thoughts. One Friday night, my wife I boarded flight #647 leaving at 6:47PM. When we landed we got in our rental car and headed to our hotel which had a street number of 647. I looked to play the lottery, but couldn't find one.
  5. Mastro's Steak House - Mastro's is still the best steak house I've ever been to. It is a very expensive meal, but again it is fantastic. My wife is not a steak eater, but even though they have an extensive seafood selection, she ordered the steak. American Idol singer Stevie Scott was singing there last week, but the entertainment that we had was extremely good as well.
  6. One Hit Wonders on sale at Amazon - Here's a list of 130 songs for 69 cents available at Amazon. You aren't likely to buy the whole albums of Baha Man, the Proclaimers, Marcy Playground or Jesus Jones. But there are some pretty good songs available. I'm tempted at throwing $25 and getting a batch of music.
  7. Music Quiz - While on the topic of music, I thought up a little quiz for you. What artist had a famous song with the thought-provoking lyrics of, "You can't write if you can't relate?" (Answer Below.)
  8. Kiyosaki in Focus - I got a lot of great emails from readers about my article on Robert Kiyosaki. I had almost posted it on MLM Myth instead of Lazy Man and Money. Glad that I went with Lazy Man. Also, proofreading may not be as overrated as I think it is.
  9. NFL Thoughts - The Saints and Broncos showed me something this weekend. Both were much better than I had expected. The difference is that my expectations were very low for the Broncos. I think the Saints are probably the best team in football. I'm looking forward to the Patriots' game next week where they have hired ex-Bronco head coach Josh McDaniels helping them out against Tebow and any other deities he can summon.
  10. Music Quiz Answer - The artist is Beck and the song is "Loser." Other, not-so-thought-provoking lyrics include, "spray-paint the vegetables", "shave your face with some mace in the dark", "drive-by body-pierce", and of course "get crazy with the cheese whiz." Sometimes thoughtful ideas come from strange places - like hidden in the middle of a bunch of nonsensical music lyrics.

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3 Responses to “Ten Things I Think (and Personal Finance Links)”

  1. LaTisha says:

    I was hoping to see the Falcons come out on top yesterday over the Giants but the Giants are a top competitor.

  2. DK says:

    i’m going to have to disagree with you there. The Proclaimer’s entire album is great!

  3. Lazy Man says:

    Fair enough, I haven’t listened to it. In general I’m a big fan of one-hit wonders. Elastica for life! ;-)

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