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Super Bowl Sunday Reading and Predictions

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With the game starting in a few hours, I thought I'd take advantage of United States biggest non-official holiday and pen type a few words from a Bostonian's perspective (even if I do live in San Francisco now).

I read just about every article that has been written about the Patriots in the last week. Of the 6 articles, I narrowed the best down to these 6... 3 on Tom Brady, one on Bill Belichick, and one on Bob and Myra Kraft. If that last one doesn't bring the emotions, the last one on Marcus Cannon beating cancer earlier this year to contribute should:

  • Tom Brady - As Advertised - Why he has the perfect life.
  • Tom Brady - What You Don't Know - Here's what I didn't even know about him. And again, I read just about everything about him.
  • Tom Brady - The Computer - He's not just good due to his physical abilities, it is the mental game.
  • Bill Belichick - Inside his Head - Many love to hate Belichick, because his media interviews are curt and a league requirement. However, it's just his way of rebelling against the NFL
  • Bob and Myra Kraft - The inspiration that makes the Patriots tick this season. Powerful stuff about how the Patriots saved the football season despite the heavy heart of his wife's death just days before. It's one of those things where football is just a game, but it can become more than a game.
  • Marcus Cannon Beats Cancer - Tough break for Marcus being the #2 inspiration. Any year other than the Myra Kraft it would be a top story.

It's prediction time. I mentioned before that I've read everything, and if you asked me on Saturday, I'd say that the Patriots had about a 60 chance of winning and that Vegas probably has it right with them as 3 point favorites. However, I just read that an unnamed Patriots official said that their practices were 10 times better than Super Bowl 42. When the Patriots get a good practice in (and make note of it) they have historically demolished their opponent. It was the day of the playoff game against the Bronco's when Ochocinco let it out that Tom Brady was possessed that week - unlike anything he's seen in his 10-year-ish career. The Patriots won easily and Brady set records. I'm getting the same vibe from this report. I think the Patriots win this by 2 touchdowns now.

It's a bold call from a homer, but that's how I feel.

(Usually I'd include personal finance links in this area, but for this special occasion we'll stick with the above links.)

Last updated on February 7, 2012.

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2 Responses to “Super Bowl Sunday Reading and Predictions”

  1. Lazy Man says:

    Unfortunately due to a database error a few comments were lost.

  2. Dan says:

    It was a pretty good game. I thought Jason Pierre Paul should have been the MVP.

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