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Super Bowl Pick (and Personal Finance Links)

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The Super Bowl starts in some 45 minutes as I start to type this. When I was watching the Patriots beat the Cardinals by 40 points in week 16, I couldn't have imagined they'd make it this far. As a Patriots fan, I don't really have words to describe how it feels to have your team finish 11-5, beat the 9-7 team in the Super Bowl by 40 points, and not have the opportunity to play in any postseason games. I'll just say that it seems to diminish the value of the game in my mind. (Did that sound too bitter?)

As far as how this game is going to go, I see the Steelers winning big. Though I used to like the Steelers quite a bit, if they win, some may throw around the dynasty word if they win. I can't root for that while the Patriots are already Las Vegas favorites to win next year's Super Bowl. So I'm going to root for the Cardinals.

Beyond the game itself, look for some good 1 second commercials from the delivery guys of Miller High Life. Though I'm not a fan of the beer itself, I love how they embrace frugality. With the economy in the dumps now, it's good to know that they've been pitching frugality before it was "the new cool." With that in mind let's look at some personal finance links from earlier this week:

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Posted on February 1, 2009.

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2 Responses to “Super Bowl Pick (and Personal Finance Links)”

  1. Bernz says:

    I particularly like tip number 7 “Use Ceiling Fans in the Winter – Ceiling fans not only help to save energy and costs in the summer, but also when you have your heat on. Set them to spin clockwise and turn them on at a low setting. Hot air rises, so the fans help to push down and circulate that air you paid to have heated”
    I really never thought of this and I actually have ceiling fans in every room of the house except living room. Will definitely try this one right now. Thanks.

  2. Start-Up says:

    LazyMan, I was pretty disappointed to not see any 1 second ads during the super bowl. The commercial promoting the 1 second ads got me all excited. CHUBBLY BUBBLY!

    What are your thoughts on Brady vs. Cassell? Obviously if Brady is healthy he will start. Do you think he will be healthy and if so what do they do with Cassell? Do they trade him?

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