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Sundry Topics: Thanking Readers and Website Changes

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I want to thank everyone for their votes for Performancing's Best Money Blog. The competition was tough and two of those competitors have more readers than many cities. The voting came to a somewhat predictable conclusion with those two, The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly taking the top two spots. I know that Ramit's I Will Teach You To Be Rich also dwarfs me in traffic. It's means a lot to me to take the bronze in the competition.

In addition to the bronze in that competition, I'll claim a small part of the gold for my writing for Prosper.com's blog. That's correct, Prosper won the Best Use of a Corporate Blog.

I update the website a little bit recently. You'll note that that I've made it much easier to contact me. A number of you have already taken advantage and sent me e-mails. I love e-mail and look forward to any and all questions and comments. To contact me, simply click here. I've reworked some of the sidebars a little bit - adding some things like Entrecard, a new network that I'm experimenting with. I have to admit that I don't fully see the advantages to it, but I've always been willing to try something that seems promising - especially if there is no downside.

Lastly, we've reworked the advertising on the site a bit and moved some of it further from the content. However, I still recommend subscribing to my feed to remove yourself from most of the advertising.

Last updated on August 1, 2011.

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3 Responses to “Sundry Topics: Thanking Readers and Website Changes”

  1. Congrats on taking the bronze! You have a really good blog and I enjoy reading it.

  2. Hey, congrats on your award! Keep it up!

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