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Strength in Numbers – Funding Community Projects

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It's a Saturday afternoon and you and your family want to spend some time outside. What do you do? The family could go to the pool, plant a tree, or even just spend some time at the park. But, what happens if your town or city does not have these features? What happens if the slide resembles something unlike a toy; something in need of an upgrade. What can you do to help?

Crowdfunding is a new way to help bring people together to support a cause, get a product off the ground, or fund a community project. The concept is simple; individuals make small (or large) donations and together the donations add up to fund the project. Projects have around 30-60 days to raise their funds and achieve their goal. Simple! People now have the power to move others to action and create change.


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Community projects, like a park or garden, often don't get the attention they deserve. City budgets are tapped and the politics to access resources can be difficult to navigate. But, with some organization, community projects can find the resources necessary to help change the lives of others. You can see many community projects like these on crowdfunding sites. These sites host the community projects and give people a central location to learn more about the projects and to also donate to the cause.

Entrepreneur.com released an article talking about the success of these crowdfunding projects, but the success does not come automatically. It takes time and preparation to help inform and educate your crowd. If your audience does not connect to your community project and your fundraising goal is not realistic, it may be difficult to get your project funded.

Some successful steps to organize your Community Project are discussed in a recent article by CNBC. Their steps include:

  • Prepare- build your network of support before you launch- you want to start off strong!
  • Know your crowd- identifying the people who will care the most about the project gives you momentum. Gain their help to reach others and maximize the potential audience who may want to fund your project.
  • Capture their imagination- Use good photos, videos, and other media to help give vision to your community project and also to better inform others. You want people to see that the community project is possible and will benefit the lives of others.
  • Know your facts- you don't want to misinform your audience. They won't be happy about it.
  • Choose the right platform- Companies, like Plumfund, give people options to raise funds. Pay attention to how they work and see which platform is right for you.

A Crowdfunding community project is a new way to engage others to bring new ideas to reality. People care about children, their community, and want to help others to live better lives. With the right motivation, and access, people can work together in small amounts to make very big changes. Don't overlook your potential to do the same. Communities must look out for those within it and you can be the change.

Posted on April 16, 2016.

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