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Strategic Purchases to Gain Frequent Flyer Miles

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When you look around at other shoppers, it seems like credit cards are the only form of currency today. With so many credit choices to consider, it's overwhelming to select just one. If you're a traveler at heart, however, finding a credit card with frequent flyer miles is a prime necessity. MileCards.com offers a wide variety so you can find the right rewards card for you. Cards, including the Gold Delta SkyMiles card, offer discounts, points and perks no other traveler sees. Use smart purchasing tactics to rack up the miles or points to afford trips to your favorite destinations every year.

Stay Loyal: The main point of using a Delta SkyMiles card is charging flight purchases. Avoid using third party reservations, such as online travel entities. Go directly to the airline's website to charge your next vacation or business trip. You'll earn 2 miles for every dollar you spend on some cards. With some flights costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, you'll see the miles pile up on your account statement. Even charge flights for family and friends to reap even more miles. Direct purchases on the flight typically give you double the miles. Charge your drinks, food and seat upgrades to the card for even more rewards.

Use the Card for Everyday Needs: Even if you aren't traveling this month, you'll usually earn points on basic purchases. One mile earned for each dollar is worth charging all your incidentals, such as groceries, dining and clothing. Try to use the card for monthly bills if allowed by the company. You simply pay back the card's balance when the bill arrives. Money you would have spent anyway is earning you precious miles. No checking account debit card can offer the same benefits. As long as you diligently pay the balance, you won't see any interest charges affecting the account. The miles are a major perk for responsible folks looking to get ahead on their vacation savings.

Watch for Credits: Along with earning miles, some cards, including the Delta SkyMiles card, also provide credit for certain purchases. When you pay for an item in-flight, for example, you pay the normal charge with the card. Within approximately one or two billing cycles, you'll see an average 20 percent credit on the purchase reflected on the statement. There are other credits announced throughout the year for promotion purposes. You also want to take advantage of any initial perks when you sign up. By flying on Delta within the first 3 months of card use, for instance, a $50 credit pops up on your account. These perks keep your balance low but with lucrative rewards.

Miles Bonuses Abound: Always look for those generous mile bonuses. The fine print gives you all the information necessary to hit each bonus. The Delta SkyMiles card, for example, rewards you with 30,000 miles when you charge more than $1,000 on a card less than three months old. There may be other bonuses as the years pass, such as end-of-the-year bonuses based on spending amounts. Check your statement frequently to ensure you've passed the bonus mark. Being even a penny short of the amount, such as from varying tax rates, doesn't reward you with any miles. Interest charges may not apply to the amount either, making it crucial to analyze your spending for the best deals.

Annual Fee Pays for Itself: You may be wary about annual fees, but they often pay for themselves. For instance, the Delta SkyMiles card charges a $95 annual fee. If you travel once during that year, your first checked bag is free. Without this perk, you might spend $95 in baggage fees or even more. This particular card actually gives you the first annual fee for free, making the deal even more rewarding. However, the free checked bags are only applicable when charging the flight on the card. Be aware of the small details to receive the best value for your money.

Save or Redeem: For most flight rewards cards, there are no expiration dates on the points. Save them for a trip across the world, such as Los Angeles to Australia. Alternatively, redeem them for shorter flights to see family and friends. Delta's card allows you to redeem mile amounts with just 10,000 miles saved. Other cards have varying mile minimums before redeeming is allowed. Consider your family's needs and save the miles to pay for everyone's ticket. You save money by using the miles, but also earn more miles by using the card.

By paying attention to your Delta SkyMiles card benefits, you'll find a world of opportunity as you travel the friendly skies. Read the fine print to catch all the deals possible. Changes occur periodically, so you want to stay ahead of the game by knowing all the perfect ways to save and earn simultaneously. Keep an eye out for good deals and extra miles offers.

Posted on July 29, 2014.

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