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Still Visiting Everyone I Ever Met… But Featured in US News

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It's been a hectic weekend, and it might end with me literally seeing most everyone I have known in the past 10 years. Most days, my wife and I have been visiting three people for three to four hours scattered across the Boston area. I thought this was going to be a vacation with at least three hours that my wife and I would have as downtime to catch up e-mail go to the gym - things like that.

In all this running around, I got an e-mail on my cell phone from Kimberly Palmer of US News' Alpha Consumer. She was looking for some of the very best saving tip I had to offer. It was a little difficult typing the response in the cell phone while traveling on the famed Rt. 128 in Boston, but at least my wife was driving. (You didn't think I was driving there, did you?)

I had a couple of tips that I couldn't decide between, so I did my best to sneak both in my response... check out these these two savings tips here.

Posted on June 6, 2008.

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One Response to “Still Visiting Everyone I Ever Met… But Featured in US News”

  1. MoneyEnergy says:

    Congrats on the media plug. Is that LazyMan’s first brush with journalists looking for sound bytes? I’m guessing not:)

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